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How to Add Location on Instagram Bio & Story [Based on Latest Instagram Version]

By reading this article to see how to add or create location on Instagram bio and story in 2021. Both iOS and Android clients support this function.

Updated 2021-09-08 17:45:07 | by Kelly

There is a question from Quora: how to add location on Instagram?

How to Add Location on Instagram Quora

Well, how to add a custom location on Instagram was not a problem years ago until Instagram decided to remove this function since users could use it in improper ways. However, by playing small tricks you are still able to implement that function --- just with taking a few more steps and having a little patience. Reading the article and follow the steps below you will be able to add location on your Instagram bio and Instagram story. 

Before you start, please make sure that the location service of your mobile phone as well as Facebook has been launched active.

How to Add Location on Instagram

Title List

How to Add Location on Instagram Story 2021 Updated

Locations on Instagram Story always appeared by using a location sticker. Visually it is cute and swanky. Also, to exhibit your location on Instagram Story can help you get local Instagram followers. However, most of those places you locate are default and have been used by thousands of people. Most importantly, they haven’t covered the new tattoo shop around the corner you just opened last week. Thus, to understand how to add a new location on Instagram Story is necessary and would get you much more attention. Let’s see how to add a custom location on Instagram Story.

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But if you just want to know how to add a custom location on Instagram, then check the following steps to know more!

This part is divided into 2 main steps: create a custom location, and add a location sticker on your Instagram Story.

How to Create a Location on Instagram 2021

Step 1: You can add a location on Instagram with the aid of Instagram’s parent company: Facebook. So at first please download a Facebook app.

Step 2: Open Facebook, register and login in. On the home page, tap “what’s on your mind” to create a new post. Then tap “Check in”.

How to Add a Custom Location on Instagram Step 2

Step 3: Allow the Facebook app to access your location. Tap the search box and type in the custom location that you’d like it to appear on Instagram. While finishing typing in the name of the location, slide the page to the button and tap “Add [custom location]”. 

How to Add a Custom Location on Instagram Step 3

Step 4: On the next page, choose a category of your location. And then locate your position on map or select “I’m here right now”. Finally, tap the upper right bottom to add your custom location on Facebook. 

How to Add a Custom Location on Instagram Step 4

Notice: After step 4, please leave any comment at your custom location on Facebook to make it active.

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How to Add a Location Sticker on Instagram Story

Now open Instagram app. Tap “Your Story” to begin. Select any photo from the gallery and tap here to add a location sticker. On the next page, select the location sticker and type in your custom location you just created. You will find it’s already on the list. 

How to Add a Location Sticker on Instagram Story

How to Add Location on Instagram Bio

The steps above introduce how to add new location on Instagram story. But since your account profile, including your bio is the first thing that comes into view to strangers, It is undoubtedly significant to grasp their eyes initially by decorating your Instagram profile. So in this part, you will see how to add new location on Instagram bio to attract more real time Instagram followers

If you are now using Instagram personal account, please convert it to Instagram business account first.

Step 1: Open Instagram app, go to “setting” page.

Step 2: Setting → Account → Switch to Professional Account, select a category. When being asked are you a creator, select “Business”. Don’t select “Creator”. Tap “Next” and you are going to have a Instagram business account to add new location on your Instagram bio.

Step 3: Now go back to your personal account page by tapping the lower right icon which resembles a person on the bottom of the screen. Tap “Edit Profile”, Contact Options → Business Address to fill up your location. Now you've got how to add location in Instagram bio. A custom location could also be created See How to Add Location on Instagram Story 2021 Updated in this article.

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How to Add New Location on Instagram Bio Step 3

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Deep Suggestions after Perfect Your Instagram Profile

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Instagram never stops renewing its services as well as users' interference. Since then, most guides online to show you how to add location on Instagram are outdated. This article is written based on the latest version of Instagram and will keep updating in the future. Hope it is useful for you. 


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