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3 Best Apps to Schedule Instagram Posts [Auto]

Looking for the best Instagram scheduling app? Then, you are in the right place. 3 best apps to schedule Instagram posts are listed in this article.

Updated 2021-07-05 10:03:37 | by Wen

Do you always forget to upload Instagram posts as planned? Most people do. Regularly posting on Instagram is a daily job for most of you. However, it is also fussy to implement the plan unless there is a tool to remind you. Instagram scheduling apps are the best choice because Instagram only allows third-party apps to publish posts automatically. Let’s look at the 3 best apps to schedule Instagram posts. We will take Android as an example and give you a manual.

 Instagram Scheduling App Free

Apphi - Best App to Schedule Instagram Posts [Easy & Auto]

What is the best app to schedule Instagram posts? For me, I would recommend you Apphi, which is an auto-schedule posts app. It’s easy to use for a clear page, and it applies to iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. In addition to managing content on Instagram, Apphi can also help you schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What’s more, users can manage unlimited accounts of these social media in Apphi. In one Instagram account, it allows auto-scheduling 10 posts per month for free. Users can prepare in advance what to post in the next week or month. If you are too busy to post, this app will automatically post for you so that the followers won’t miss any content on your account. Then, the engagement will be increased on Instagram as they might like your post and comment below it. 

 Best Instagram Scheduling App - Apphi

What’s better? As the best scheduling app for Instagram, Apphi can analyze Instagram followers and posts. It has a histogram of your total followers and net followers. Besides, it gives you an overview of posts, likes, comments, and calculates the average metrics. All these metrics are shown both in histogram and chart, so you will clearly know how your posts affect and adjust post’s content in time in case it has a bad performance. Metrics is a sign of the viewers’ minds, and you should use it well and know followers’ likes so as to grow Instagram followers

The steps to schedule posts on Apphi

Step 1. Download Apphi, sign in with an Apphi account, and add an Instagram account.

Step 2. Tap on “Schedule” on the home page, and create a post. Upload one or multiple photos and tap on “Next”.

Step 3. Edit photos with filters, stickers, or texts. Edit caption and tags. There are 3 options for you – apply history captions, use saved captions and tags, or add suggested hashtags.

Step 4. Tap on “Next” to set post time or add advertisers. Apphi even gives you suggestions for the best time to post.

Step 5. Finally, tap on “Done” button. The scheduled post will appear on the schedule page. 

 Steps of Best App to Schedule Instagram Posts


√ Auto schedule posts & stories.

√ Give hashtags suggestions and the first comment.

√ Can add product tags.

√ Instagram Analytics.

√ Auto apply captions to Instagram posts.

√ Bulk schedule multiposts.

√ Can invite people to manage social accounts for you.

√ Support to schedule posts, stories, and IGTV.


╳ The ads would pop up several times when you use the free version.

Buffer - Best Scheduling App for Instagram [Custom & Stories]

As one of the best Instagram scheduling apps, Buffer is a powerful app that combines publishing with analyzing. With this app, you can pre-edit the content and arrange the proper time to post manually or automatically. When the post time is approaching, it will push you a notification as a reminder. You are allowed to manage at most 5 accounts per device for free, which means you can switch from among them without logging in and logging out. This app works well on iOS, Android, and PC and supports scheduling Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

 Best Scheduling App for Instagram

Moreover, it can also analyze the performance of your posts. It provides an overview of Instagram metrics, such as the total number of posts, impressions, likes, comments, views, and management rates. All metrics are pulled from Instagram’s Graph API. If you are running a business on Instagram, this function can help you greatly as it can also manage the shop grid.

How to schedule posts on Buffer

Step 1. Download Buffer: Social Media Manager in play store. Open it and connect Instagram.

Step 2. Tap on “Create” button, and start to edit the content you want to post.

Step 3. Press “Share” in the bottom right corner. You are free to share now, choose the custom schedule, or add to queue.

Step 4. Here, we choose to add to queue. It will automatically set the best time to post on Instagram. You can check in the “QUEUE”.

Step 5. When the time is approaching, it will give you a push to post in time. As long as the post is done, it will disappear in the “QUEUE”. But you can find the sent and missed posts in the “PAST REMINDER”.

 Best Scheduling App for Instagram - Steps

To make Buffer automatically schedule your posts, you can go to the settings and set Enable Direct Posting.


√ Custom schedule posts and auto schedule posts

√ Select images from URL

√ Auto crop the pictures to the right size

√ Create and save groups of hashtags to use

√ Plan posts in advance and get notifications to post natively

√ Business: Connect your link in Bio to drive more sales through Instagram


╳ Many functions are limited in the free version, such as creating a story, managing hashtags, managing shop grid, etc.

Hootsuite – Schedule Instagram Posts [Instant & Safe]

Looking for a safe and best app to plan Instagram posts? You would like Hootsuite, which can schedule, publish, collaborate, and analyze posts. It can post images and videos directly to Instagram and automatically adjust video dimensions. The number of accounts that you can manage in the free version is 3 Instagram accounts per device, which is totally enough for individuals. You are free to connect your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkdedIn, and YouTube to it. 

Why is Hootsuite safe to use? To begin with, when users access Hootsuite, they go through Secure Login. Besides, it only interacts with social networks via application programming interface (API) calls. Furthermore, it uses open authorization when connecting to popular social networks. For analyzing, Hootsuite provides in-stream link previews. So, there’s no need to worry about your data being lost.

 Best Apps to Plan Instagram Posts Safe

The following is an example of scheduling a post on Hootsuite

Step 1. Sign up the Hootsuite, and connect it with Instagram.

Step 2. Select your social network, tap Compose to edit the contents you are going to post.

Step 3. Choose Auto Schedule, your posts will be scheduled to post in a fixed time.

 Best App to Schedule Posts on Instagram - Steps


√ Auto and custom schedule posts.

√ Accounts can be managed by 1 administrator.

√ Automatically adjust video dimensions.

√ View detailed metrics across your social accounts.

√ Add or remove users from your team plan.


╳ Personal profiles and creator profiles have limited access to functionality from Instagram’s API.

╳ Expensive

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Comparative Chart for Instagram Scheduling Apps

If you still can’t decide which one is suitable for you. You can check the comparative chart below, which lists the price of these 3 apps. It saves time because you don’t need to download all of them. Just pick one and use it to schedule your posts. All of them have free versions to use.



$10/mo for Starter


14-day trial 


14-day trial 

+ $65/mo

14-day trial 

+ $99/mo


30-day trial


30-day trial 

+ $2000/mo

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+ 9500/mo

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Bottom Line

That’s all about the best apps to schedule Instagram posts. All of them are tested manually, so you can feel free to try. If you are doing business on Instagram, the free version may not satisfy your needs. You can upgrade it. Apphi is the easiest app to use with mature functions. Buffer is the cheapest one to upgrade, which has a 14-day trial in every plan. Hootsuite is the safest one to use. To get followers quickly, GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is a nice choice.


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