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5 Best Sites to Buy Automatic Daily Instagram Followers [6000 Followers Monthly]

Where to buy daily Instagram followers cheap? Read the article to know best sites to buy automatic daily Instagram followers for less than $1, no password.

Updated 2021-08-19 10:40:28 | by Grace

How to keep Instagram followers increasing every day? Many articles recommend traditional methods, which don’t work well at last. What’s the shortcut to gain Instagram followers every day? Buy daily Instagram followers. It needs $1 every day, but what you can gain later is much over a dollar, popularity, influence, revenue. To save your budget, here we show you 5 best sites to buy automatic daily Instagram followers, real and active, for less than $1 a day, the cheapest price ever. No password is needed.

Buy Daily Instagram Followers

5 Best Sites to Buy Automatic Daily Instagram Followers [No Password]

Before introducing the best sites to buy automatic daily Instagram followers without password, we make a comparison of these popular sites that provide daily Instagram followers service. We focus on two factors: safety and price. The comparison table is as below.

Site50 followers/dayDeliveryRealFree Service
Followers Gallery$1.33/dayInstantYY
Likesforge$2.30/dayInstantNot SureN
Dripfollowers$1.27/daySlowNot SureN

#1 Easygetinsta - Buy Automatic Daily Instagram Followers [From $1 Per Day]

How to buy Instagram followers auto daily? Considering the safety and price, is the best site to buy automatic daily Instagram followers. Designed by a professional and experienced team, it allows you to buy automatic daily Instagram followers and instant followers, which are real and active. More importantly, you could buy daily Instagram followers from less than $1 a day to $2.99 a day. It offers 3 kinds of Instagram followers packages for you to start a 30-day subscription: 50 followers for $0.99 per day, 150 followers for $1.99 per day, 200 followers for $2.29 per day. That is to say, if you want to buy 1500 Instagram followers, you just need to pay $29.70. If you're going to buy 6000 Instagram followers, it only costs $68.70. There is another choice: 60-day subscription. The price is from $1.66 for 20 followers per day. Besides, there are various plans on the offcial platform of buying Instagram likes.

We take it as the safest site to buy daily IG followers no survey, no password, no human verification. No risk, no leak. You could choose to pay for followers with Paypal and other credit cards. How to buy automatic daily Instagram followers on Easygetinsta? Just 3 simple steps.

1. Visit the official site and go to the “Store” page.

2. Click “Buy Instagram Followers”, choose “Daily Followers”, select one offer.

30-Day Subscription60-Day Subscription
 50 Followers Per Day$0.99$0.76
150 Followers Per Day$1.99$1.36
200 Followers Per Day$2.29$1.66

3. Enter your Instagram username and click the “Buy Now” button. 

The site has a special offer for instant followers. If you buy 1000 followers on Instagram, you’ll get extra 500 free Instagram followers as a gift.

#2 Mrinsta - Buy Daily Instagram Followers [Various IG Services]

Having been established for about six years, Mrinsta is a trustworthy site to customers. On the site, you can get kinds of services except for daily Instagram followers: YouTube subscribers, Pinterest followers, Twitter followers, Twitch followers, Spotify playlist followers... If you want to get followers on social networks, it is an all-in-one site to use easily. 

Buy Daily Instagram Followers Real & Active

How to buy daily Instagram followers? Sign up and log into the site at first. Click the “Daily Followers” button, choose one offer: 15, 30, or 60 followers per day, and click the “Buy Now” button. It only allows you to make payment via credit card or CCBill, no Paypal payment method. After buying daily followers, you’ll receive new followers every 24 hours. Remember that your profile must be public. 

#3 Insfollowup - Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers Daily [Cool Design]

Buy Instagram Followers Daily

Insfollowup is a newly built site that gains much attention for its cool design and good service. It offers to buy auto followers and likes service, from 100 to 3000. As one of the best sites to buy followers on Instagram, Insfollowup gives you a chance to buy 1500 Instagram followers daily for $24.98. An amazing price. You can get followers without login Instagram on the site. It’s a quick and efficient way to get followers instantly. If you want to keep growing Instagram followers day by day, download the app on the iOS device and tap the “Get Followers” button to get 20, 50, 100, 200 daily followers on Instagram automatically. It costs $76.7 to buy 6000 Instagram followers in a month.

#4 Likesforge - Buy Instagram Daily Followers [Multiple Choices]

Buy Instagram Daily Followers

Twitter followers, Instagram daily followers and likes, Facebook followers, YouTube subscribers... Likeforge has continued to provide these services for over 4 years. Instagram daily followers service is specially designed for those who need organic and natural follower growth on Instagram. It offers kinds of daily followers packages: from 10 followers per day to 1000 followers on Instagram per day. Whether you are a celebrity, start-up, brand, or influencer, a monthly subscription will give you a chance to be successful on Instagram faster.

#5 Dripfollowers - Buy Daily Instagram Followers [Express Delivery]

Buy Daily Instagram Followers

Dripfollowers is a site designed to promote Instagram by means of buying Instagram followers, likes, and views. It is safe and popular for not requiring any sensitive information, including password. It provides 2 kinds of followers: drip followers and express followers. If you buy daily drip followers, it gives you a steady influx of followers to increase exposure. The price is from $9 for 10 followers per day to $90 for 200 followers per day. If only you have a budget, you could enjoy getting followers on Instagram and improve an account gradually and effectively.

Why Should You Buy Daily Instagram Followers?

Some may oppose buying daily Instagram followers as they think it will create a bad effect. We have to admit that it is a two-edged sword in fact. If you buy daily Instagram followers that are real and active, it is really beneficial to your account, popularity, and revenue. What benefits of buying auto followers real and active? Basically, you can increase the exposure of your profile and engagement.

1. Take your business on Instagram to the next level

Loyal followers are vital for a business on Instagram, who are more likely to become a customer and buy your products. Loyal followers are from followers at first. So you need to get more followers to start your business, which is hard for a normal person. Buying real and active daily followers is a shortcut to success on Instagram. Having a large follower base, you’ll gain more followers and customers naturally day by day. 

2. Gain social proof Instagram followers and likes

Social proof is a term coined to explain a psychological phenomenon that people copy the actions that most people do. Simply, it is almost the same as following suit. Take advantage of the psychological phenomenon. Imagine that you buy daily followers and get 100, 200, or more followers every day. You are credible in the eyes of other people, who will follow you then, like your posts, and communicate with you further. You can gain social proof Instagram followers and likes by the way.

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Is it Safe to Buy Daily Followers on Instagram on the 5 Sites?

As for the safety to buy Instagram daily followers, we take personal info and the IG account into consideration. First, the site doesn’t require personal info in case of using or disclosing any personal info after buying daily followers. Second, followers are delivered organically and naturally. Your account won’t be punished or blocked. 

After buying Instagram daily followers on many sites, we found that the above 5 sites require no survey and no password during the whole process, which is the reason we recommend these sites to buy followers on Instagram. It protects personal info and is easy to get Instagram followers growth service with simple steps. Besides, they comply with the Instagram follow and unfollow limit and deliver daily followers in a reasonable but unfixed time. Your followers grow naturally and organically. Your IG account has no risk of being blocked or banned.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, you’ll gain the benefits of buying automatic daily Instagram followers that are real and active. The question lies in where to buy daily Instagram followers that are genuine and active. The article gives a perfect solution. The 5 best sites allow you to buy real daily followers without survey and password. 

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