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Buying Instagram Followers Experiment: How to Buy Real & Active Followers

Want to buy Instagram followers but have lots of hesitations and worries? After reading this post, you'll get my own followers buying experiences and then make smart decisions quickly.

Updated 2021-08-19 10:52:27 | by Thea

In recent years, more and more people and brands have started using Instagram as a social marketing platform. In particular, the development of short video applications stimulated Instagram to roll out IGTV feature which has brought a new round of user growth. There is no denying that Instagram is gradually standing out as one of the top sales platforms for e-commerce. That’s why the temptation to buy Instagram followers real becomes stronger and stronger.

Buying Instagram followers, even if they’re “fake” followers or bot followers, is so helpful for an Instagram account to expand influence, increase sales, and enhance brands or individual effectiveness. The thinking goes that, when you have enough followers or likes, real people will take notice and start to follow you and finally engage with you or shop in your store.

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But does this theory hold any water? Buying Instagram followers really makes sense? Why might you buy fake followers and how to buy real Instagram followers? To answer these questions, we have set up 4 experiments to buy followers from different sites and apps. Keep reading.

My Instagram Followers Buying Experiment

Test 1: Buying Instagram Followers from [Recommended]

Step 1: Go to This site offers two modes of getting Instagram followers: get followers freely or buy directly. If you want to get real Instagram followers freely, you can download its app and by doing easy coin tasks to earn coins afterward buy followers with coins. Since we test the buy experiment, so we click the Buy button.


Besides, you can download GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta app and get 1k Instagram followers in 5-min with coins after doing coin tasks. 

Step 2: Select an offer and type an Instagram username. I tested the first offer – 30 followers at 3.99 USD. Meanwhile, I also get additional free likes to my latest post.


Step 3: Keep going and finish the payment.

Followers Purchase Experience:

I received the Payment Complete email in 5 minutes after I finish the payment. From this mail, I can see my order details. What makes surprised is it provides access to check the followers delivery progress whereas others don’t. I created an account and see my task there.


I got these 30 followers within only several hours, as well as 30 likes to my newest post. It indeed helps me get Instagram followers instantly. Here is a comparison of the followers in my Instagram account.


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Test 2: Buying Followers from

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Premium Services > Buy Instagram Followers > Choose a plan. I chose the 250 followers at 10 USD and follow the tips to complete the payment.

Step 3: Follow the step-by-step prompts to complete the purchase.

Followers Purchase Experience:

I received the Payment Complete email soon. It contains my order detail and billing details. However, unlike GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta, it doesn’t provide any access to check my followers' delivery progress. So I have to check my Instagram followers number changes manually. What makes me really sad is I didn’t get my followers, in 24 hours, 48 hours after purchase, and didn't get them all the time.


Test 3: Buying Followers from

Step 1: Also go to its official site and choose BUY FOLLOWERS.


Step 2: I chose the plan of 100 Instagram followers at a price of $2.95.

Step 3: Then I followed the instructions and finished my payment.

Followers Purchase Experience:

Unlike the previous two purchase experiment, I didn’t receive an email with my order detailsand no delivery status check access. Fortunately, I started to receive my followers about 20 hours later after purchase. But, after a week of buying, I gradually lost them.

Test 4: Buying IG Followers from

Step 1: Accessing its official site and select BUY FOLLOWERS.

Step 2: I chose the plan of 100 Instagram followers at a price of $2.97. Then input Instagram username & email address, and proceed by clicking Continue.

Step 3: Keep going and complete the payment.

Followers Purchase Experience:

I received the Order Completed mail soon. It said it would send all my followers within 24 hours. But for the first 18 hours, I didn't see any change. Over the next few hours, the followers base start to grow. But when 24 hours passed, I had only 81 followers, not all delivered. After another day or so, all the followers were delivered. Plus, it offers access to check progress, but you can’t see the real-time delivery progress, you just end up seeing that it's all done.


So far, this site offers the cheapest followers, and without any loss of followers after one week. Later I checked the status of some followers, most of whom had no posts or followers, and some of whom even had no avatar. So, I guess the 100 followers are probably fake or robots.


Comparison Table of Followers Buying Experiments

Here is a comparison table we summarized based on our test experience.

Sites NameBuy Followers & LikesReal FollowersBonus Likes
Progress Check
mrinsta.comYesNot SureNoNo
instapromote.meYesNot SureNoNo

Why Some People Not Suggested Buying Instagram Followers?

As for some opinions that do not advocate buying Instagram followers, which is mainly because they excessively focus on the possible negative effects of such buying actions. You know the bad effects mainly reflected in the punishments and blows from Instagram.

Frankly, Instagram has been cracking down on sellers of fake followers so this isn't as easy as it once was. Still, you can find dozens of companies that will sell you as many followers as you want. Why? Because, essentially, buying Instagram followers itself isn't against Instagram rules. Most follower providers simply create a platform that brings real Instagram users together to follow and like each other. This action is totally the same as you do on Instagram.

So, instead of focusing on the negative, you should focus more on the positive effects of your growing followers base. The worst thing you can imagine is to block your account for a few days or a week, and then get it back after changing a new password. So, don't worry about buying Instagram followers. However, when it comes to buying Instagram followers, it's better to buy Instagram followers real and active. Buying fake followers may actually be considered as a violation of the rules because these fake or robot followers usually have no profile picture, and their username seems like it's a cobbled-together set of letters and numbers that a computer chose. Plus, if you click through you find that they usually don't have any followers and even no posts.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers?

Reason 1. Traditional methods are too difficult and bring little effects. We’re living in a social media world that everyone tries to take attention in every way. No matter for individuals, artists, influencers or a small business who wants to expand their brand, you need Instagram services, which is a growing channel that lets individuals and businesses alike to humanize brands, showcase products, and company culture, delight customers, attract organic traffic, generate new business, and increase sales.

But, here's the deal: Unless you're famous, it's really hard to amass a huge following on Instagram even if you put in a lot of hard work.

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                   How Many Instagram Followers to Make Money - Make $1000 Per Post

Reason 2. It’s a smart shortcut to make success on Instagram. For the average person or business, growing your following takes time and attention on a daily basis. Except for the few things you can do, including customizing your profile, creating excellent content, writing interesting copy, using hashtags, etc., to collect 1000 or more quality followers for your Instagram account, buying high-quality Instagram followers from real person is the shortcut that can help you make it easier.

Let's dive into the tutorial of how to gain 1k, 5k, and get 10k Instagram followers free in 5 steps.

Reason 3. It’s legal to buy IG followers. As we mentioned before, it is legal to buy followers or likes for any kind of social media. It is just a digital marketing strategy. When others follow you or like your post, it is totally legal and safe.

Which One is the Best Site for Buy Instagram Followers?

After testing buy Instagram followers from the above four sites, you may wonder which one is the best site to buy Instagram followers? How to buy Instagram followers cheapest? How to buy Instagram followers that are active? 

It's important to note that when you buy real Instagram followers, there's basically a certain amount of loss. So, in order to retain these real Instagram followers, you still need to work hard on your content. If purchased followers won’t lose at all, mostly they may fake followers or robot followers that are totally bad for your account.

Different people give importance to different criteria when choosing their ideal website to buy Instagram followers. You definitely want to find a reliable followers provider to make your purchase worth it, irrespective of whether or not you have purchased before. Keep 2 principles in mind:

1. Be careful to distinguish real followers and fake followers.

2. Not the cheapest is the best. Invest your money in the right place.

The Bottom Line

With the growing pressure to have thousands of Instagram followers, it’s understandable why some people resort to buying Instagram followers. Many of today's providers are also doing their best to help you build organic growth. They engage more real users in your interactions.

So, in addition to buying Instagram followers, you can also buy likes, views, and even comments. All of these are users’ real actions, legal and helpful for improving engagement, which finally benefits your account. Engage your followers and grow your following with these powerful strategies, tips, and platforms. Then you'll get what you want: popularity, attention, sales, fame and more will come to you.

Personally, I recommend GetInsdta since it only gives a way to buy high-quality Instagram followers instantly but also offers a way to get unlimited free Instagram followers without payment. What you need is to get its app and do some coin tasks, then you'll get Instagram followers for free immediately. It's worth to have a try.

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