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How to Grow Followers with/without Fake Followers Apps

There are both Instagram fake followers app and non-fake ones in the market. This page will show you a test-and-tried result to tell which one works best.

Updated 2021-08-18 17:29:09 | by Wisdom

Instagram is a popular social media platform and it has around 1 billion users in total. To grow followers fast is the common wish among billions of users. For businessmen, increasing followers helps brands to expand promising markets. For Internet celebrities, it helps to win popularity against other competitors. And for individuals, growing followers helps to gain fame and interactions. In this condition, fake Instagram followers app seems to be the quickest helper considering the total number of followers matters most.

 Fake Instagram Followers App.jpg

Intro: Comparison Table of the 4 Fake Insta Followers Apps

Followers & UnfollowersFreeAndroid
2Turbo Followers for InstagramFreeiOS/ Android/ PC

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Followers & Unfollowers - #1 Instagram Fake Followers App [Free]

Followers & Unfollowers is one fake Instagram followers app free, and has been installed into more than 10 million times known as helping you see insights on your profile and track your Instagram followers so that you can easily unfollow people who don’t follow you back. 

 Fake Followers App for IG.png

Why Followers & Unfollowers? 

  • Safe Login

Trusted log-in with your Instagram user name and password.

  • Favorite Users

Add your favorite users to whitelist by long pressing on the list. 

  • Filters

Multiple features bounded into one pack

  • Non Followers

People who don’t follow you back on Instagram

  • Multi-Account

Add multiple accounts and switch from one to the other in one click.


  • Unfollow up to 50 people with a single action.

  • Find people who don't follow you back on Instagram.

  • Long press on any person from the list of people you follow to add them to your favorite list

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Turbo Followers for Instagram - #2 Fake Followers Instagram App [Free]

Did you know that having many Instagram followers is the best way to grow your business? Turbo Followers for Instagram is a fake followers app for Instagram. With this magical app, you can get thousands of followers and to be a star on Instagram.

 Fake Instagram Followers App Free.jpg


  • 100% Free Forever

Easy to earn free coins, then use coins to promote your Instagram account.

  • Run-on the Mobile Phone or PC

The app runs on Android, on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), and on macOS.

  • Self-Serve System

With this app, you will get followers for Instagram in minutes without the help of any staff. Login means you are ready immediately.

How to Start? 

Step 1. View other people and Follow them to get free Coins.

Step 2. Spend Coins to get Followers from real users.

Step 3. View real-time status report for your orders for followers.

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Kicksta - #3 Instagram Fake Followers App [Paid]

Kicksta is the best fake followers app for Instagram, its reliability lies not only in the immediacy but also in the quantity. It helps users get followers within just a few clicks in a safe way.

 Get Fake Instagram Followers App.jpg


  • Find profiles similar to yours. Kicksta helps to list potential followers for you, and they may like your page too.

  • Get followed back. When you engage with similar audiences, some of those people will follow you back, which actually is a way for growing followers by following back others. As long as you post quality content frequently, success is guaranteed.

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NewCam - #4 Best Fake Followers App for Instagram [Free]

NewCam is a getting fake Instagram followers app. It helps users not only get more followers and likes for Instagram with a vintage effect camera but also share on Insta to gain likes and increase follower activity. 

 Best App for Fake Instagram Followers.jpg


  • It's easy to download and install on your mobile phone.

  • It provides useful tools like a vintage effect camera, making posts more charming to attract followers.

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Grow Followers with Real IG Followers Apps [Not Fake]

There are 4 useful fake Instagram followers apps, or Instagram followers software, mentioned above, each of which paves the way for you to get big follower numbers on social media. However, your followers are a reflection of your content quality, and fake followers aren’t worth the try when it is considered in the long run. It will make you less reliable and even being banned by the official. So how about trying GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta to get followers even 10k from real accounts?

What is GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta?

GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is a straightforward app to grow Instagram followers for free. Besides, its available versions like PC, Android, and iOS make it accessible for all to get real Instagram followers on their accounts. It is the fastest way to help you reach 1 million followers on Instagram.

Why GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta

  • Safety & Privacy

It goes to great length to protect users from being compromised (hacked). And no information leakage will happen here.

  • Real & Organic

GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta will not allow getting more Instagram followers by cheating. It promises that each one of the followers you got from GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is real for further interactions.

Want to avoid being fooled by fake Instagram followers apps? View our handpicked list of top follow mod APK.

  • 100% Free

The official team of GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta announced everything within the app is free. All you need are coins that can be easily gained by finishing simple tasks in one or two clicks.

How to Start?

Now you must be very curious about how to get it started. Actually, this grow follow app download is easy to be done! And it's all as easy as ABC! Let’s check the following details.

Step 1. Download GetinsupGetInsitaGetInstathe followers APK for IG, on your devices (don’t forget there are iOS, Android, and PC all available), and then log in after creating the account through your own email.

Step 2. Choose how many followers you would like to gain, and then click “Get Followers Now”.

 Instagram Followers App - Step 2.png

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The Bottom Line

Indeed, people who are curious about fake Instagram followers apps also want to know how much do Instagram followers cost. It does play an effective role at the very first beginning without any costs, and people can really get a new audience through those apps on a growing basis. We all love the notification saying new followers have been gained, but the harsh reality is that a simple follow means nothing. Engagement and interaction, which can only be got from real accounts, are what we need to focus on. So let’s say goodbye to fake followers apps for Instagram, and here comes GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta

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