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4 Best Followers Trackers for Instagram in 2021: 100% Free & Effective

All the things about your Instagram account will be shown through the followers tracker for Instagram. Check these 4 best followers tracker to track your Instagram account at any time.

Updated 2021-07-05 10:55:48 | by Sydny

Nowadays, Instagram users try their best to attract more and more Instagram followers. But they don't know whether these followers are active or not. In fact, there are many people like creating many Instagram accounts, but they don't often use it. You'd better not have followers like these.

In order to track Instagram followers so that you can get real and free Instagram followers daily. Many companies created followers trackers for Instagram. We tested some of them for more detailed information. There are 4 followers trackers on Instagram which are 100% working. You can choose one of them to track your Instagram followers.

Followers Trackers for Instagram

Free Instagram Online Tracker for Followers: Safe & Efficient


Best Followers Trackers for Instagram

Iconosquare is one of the best followers trackers for Instagram. Also, it is a free Instagram followers analytic tool that can check your Instagram accounts for more details. With Iconosquare, you can track your Instagram followers and get detailed statistics to boost your Instagram followers. You can find out your followers who are not beneficial for your Instagram engagement, and then take measures to avoid these kinds of followers. What's more, it provides insight into the total or an average number of likes, and show the growth of your Instagram followers. It is easy using and 100% efficient and beneficial for boosting your Instagram engagement rate. 


Track your Instagram followers who are often online, so that you can distinguish who is your active and real follower on Instagram, and it can also show you the growth and loss of your followers on Instagram.

Track your Instagram posts, stories, and engagement rate. It can help you track your Instagram account, and show you the latest information about your Instagram account. That would be much more convenient for you comparing to getting the information by yourself.

Give a detailed analysis of the hashtag performance. So you can choose the best hashtags for more followers and likes when you give a post on Instagram.

Analyze the best time when you give a post. Iconosquare is not only a tool for followers tracker on Instagram, but also it can provide you useful information to guide you in running your Instagram.


Check Fake Instagram Followers

BrandFollowers is a free tool used in tracking followers on Instagram. BrandFollowers is not only for the individual Instagram account, but also it is for the business Instagram account. That means it is professional enough to give the best analysis of your Instagram followers. Also, it can calculate the number of your Instagram followers and give the updated numbers of the people who unfollowed you. Besides, it can track and check fake Instagram followers and count the real and active Instagram followers. BrandFollowers can provide you with detailed reports to show your follower's country, age, and gender.


Track Instagram influencer's followers. You can see which influencer has the most active followers on Instagram and the recent growth of the influencer's followers.

Track and check fake Instagram followers. It is more convenient for you to clean the fake followers.

Give you detailed information which includes your Instagram engagement rates, your high-quality followers, and Instagram unfollowers recently.

Efficient Followers Tracker for Instagram Using Apps: Free & Safe

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Followers Tracker for Instagram Apk

Follower Analyzer for Instagram is a free followers tracker for Instagram apk. It is available on Google Play store and many users give a high evaluation of it. As one of the best apps for tracking Instagram followers, you can use it to get the latest information about people who followed your Instagram account or who unfollowed, people who like and comment on your posts. If you find that someone doesn't follow back you or someone just has a little engagement with you, it is time to unfollow them so that you can manage your Instagram account well and get real and active Instagram followers and likes. Also, you can use the Follower Analyzer for Instagram to track any Instagram accounts that you want to track and then get their stats.


Track who unfollowed you recently, who are your new followers. View your Instagram followers.

Track who has never or always liked or commented on your posts, so that you can have a better understanding to manage your Instagram account.

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Followers Tracker for Instagram App

FollowMeter is a followers tracker for the Instagram app for you to track your Instagram followers. FollowMeter provides the simplest way to track your Instagram followers, and it can monitor your Instagram growth and manage your Instagram account effectively. Also, it has a strong analysis function and can provide you with much more detailed information about your Instagram account. It has the functions which all users love.


Track Instagram followers and check who unfollowed you recently. It will be more convenient for you to manage your Instagram account

Track who likes watching your stories, also, it can help you see whether the people are your Instagram followers or not.

Provide you with 'Activity Meter' to show your Instagram engagement. You can boost your Instagram engagement rate according to the information that FollowMeter provides.

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In Conclusion

Followers Tracker for Instagram is convenient for you, it helps you find out many problems from the analysis of your Instagram followers, so you can optimize your Instagram account performance more conveniently. Just choose one of the trackers to track your followers on Instagram, you will have an in-depth insight into your Instagram followers. 


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