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7 Tips on How to Get Followers on Twitter - Free & Practical

Do you know how to get followers on Twitter? If don’t, then you can’t miss this article for it will help you to find out how to get Twitter followers.

Updated 2021-05-24 10:20:16 | by Wen

Trump? Twitter? Banned?

On Twitter, every influencer, marketer, celebrity, and social or political personality wants to get more and more followers. But not everyone can succeed. In fact, you don’t need to be a marketing expert or famous singer to get Twitter followers. When some brand wants to build a social media presence, their main focus is always getting strong standing on Twitter. If you want to know how to get followers on Twitter, we have a secret recipe to spice up the Twitter game. Get ready to optimize your Twitter strategy.

How to Get Lots of Followers on Twitter

Why Do Twitter Followers Matter?

If you own a business and still use Twitter for just news and updates, you are already killing your brand value. Twitter is a perfect platform to scale your business to millions of potential clients. Having more Twitter followers means you have more influence in the target market, and your audience will also consider you as an authoritative name in the industry.

If you have a low follower count on Twitter, this guide about how to get more followers on Twitter is specifically for you.

How to Gain Followers on Twitter?

Acing the game of Twitter followers is pretty easy if you follow a strategic plan in your posting and profile completion. But there is a lot more that can help you get Twitter followers fast apart from setting up an attractive profile and adding links.

Here are some proven ways about how to get lots of followers on Twitter without spending any money on promotion.

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1. Optimize Twitter Profile

Different blogs will suggest different tips to get Twitter followers fast, yet optimizing your Twitter profile will always be the first tip on all forums. The recent design updates require the users to adjust some minor details like profile photos. Not having an updated and complete Twitter profile means that you are not interested in offering value to your client base.

Whether you are just starting the Twitter journey or want to gain more followers on Twitter fast, your profile must be perfect from every aspect. Completing the Twitter profile professionally does not take much time. You just need to offer details that can help the interested audience to know about you and your services.

This tip to get more followers on Twitter seems obvious, but if done right, it can add thousands to your follower count. What is included in a professional and complete Twitter profile? Like any other platform, here are some simple things you need to focus on while making a Twitter profile:  

  • Write a short yet professional bio

  • Upload a professional profile photo with the company name or logo

  • Find relevant people to follow

  • Be yourself on Twitter

 How to Get Followers in Twitter-Profiles

2. Tweet More Often

Twitter promotes more aggressive tweets and content strategy as compared to Facebook and Instagram. If you want maximum engagement for your brand Twitter profile, you need to ensure three to seven tweets daily. There are many brands with a huge following that tweet 15 to 20 times in 24 hours. The number of tweets per day may vary depending upon the competition in your target market.

While tweeting for brand promotion, you should not limit your tweets to talk about yourself only. Instead of being reserve on Twitter, try to tweet more often to get free followers on Twitter.

3. Engage with Current Followers

It is obvious that every brand wants to get more real Twitter followers, but don’t forget the importance of engagement for the loyal follower building. Having millions of followers on Twitter is useless if your tweets have no engagement. Many marketers believe that engagement is related to the number of followers, but that’s not true.  More followers don’t ensure more engagement.

When you offer targeted content that adds value, your followers start interacting with your tweets. Most of them will also do retweet your tweet, and you will notice a spike in followers soon.

4. Tweet at the Right Time

Timing is an important factor in getting more and more engagement on many platforms. There are no defined rules for tweets' perfect timing, but you can try different time windows for your tweets. If you share content at night when most of your followers are sleeping, your tweets will end up with zero engagement. Always tweet at the right time when most of your targeted visitors are active.

Several expert marketers observe that tweets get maximum engagement between 7-10 pm, and the least engagement is recorded from 12-1 am. The perfect timing of the tweets can be different in different time zones.

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5. Tweet Visual Content

Textual tweets might be the best way to share information, but you cannot expect the desired engagement in that case. If you want to make your tweets visible to maximum visitors, you need to focus on sharing more visual content, including graphics, images, and videos. If you are a brand, share the photos and launch videos of your new products.

An attractive image can easily grab the attention of any visitor. Sharing memes and gifs is another trend on social media that is helping brands to get more Twitter followers fast. If you can relate memes and gifs to your industry, you must share relevant content.

6. Use the Power of Hashtags

If you are on Twitter but don’t know about hashtags, then you have been using Twitter the wrong way. By using proper hashtags, you can easily get more followers on Twitter and more engagement for your tweets. Tweets with relevant hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement than tweets with no hashtags. You can always search the Twitter trend section to get ideas about trending hashtags that are currently active in your domain.

How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast-Use Hasgtags

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7. Engage with Community

You cannot survive on any social media profile without socializing with your followers, friends, business partners, and competitors. Yes, you can get more followers on Twitter by following your competitors. Always stay updated about what’s going on in closer circles and how your competitors are making progress. Following the successful and tested strategies to get more followers on Twitter can make your job a lot easier.

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Bottom line

That’s all for how to get followers on Twitter. Never fall for short-term tricks and tactics if you want sustainable Twitter followers. All of the strategies are ethically right with no risk involved for the profile or brand value. If your previous strategies have not been very successful, try these steps for your brand. Whenever you apply a new strategy to gain more Twitter followers, don’t forget to track future reference performance.


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