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[Tips and Tricks] A Guide on How to Get Real Followers on Twitter

Real followers on Twitter are difficult to have for some. Don’t worry, this article gives a complete guide to get real followers on Twitter for you.

Updated 2021-05-24 10:31:21 | by Wen

To succeed in social media management and the influencer profession on Twitter, having real and active followers is an indispensable need. After quite a lot of research on this subject, we prepared a handy guide regarding how to get real followers on Twitter. There are some tips and tricks that will facilitate you to get real followers on Twitter and increase your engagement on your profile.

 Active and Real Followers on Twitter

Why Does Real Followers Matter on Twitter?

Having real followers is important for your profile’s quality in the long term. Buying fake followers will affect your account negatively. Because when you buy a huge amount of fake followers, these will be robot accounts mostly and will not create any interaction. So buying fake followers will reduce your engagement rate, your profile will look less reliable and your quality score will be decreased. What do we mean by the quality score? This low engagement will tell Twitter only one thing: this account has many followers but no one retweets, likes, or mentions it. So the content should be of poor quality, and the system will not suggest you as relevant accounts to new followers.

Having real followers on Twitter is crucial because these bot accounts are regularly being deleted by the social platforms themselves. Hence, your followers decrease day by day even you may money for them. 

And also the brands that you wish to collaborate with for paid partnerships will not believe in you and prefer you as they experience your low engagement rate and poor conversion. 

7 Steps on How to Get Real Followers on Twitter

We have known why real followers matter and shortcuts might be dangerous. So try to focus on having real followers even the increase is slow but steady. The quality of real followers will be beneficial for you in the future. Let’s look at these ways that can get real Twitter followers potentially.

1. Eye-catching Profile Photo and Bio Description

The very first essential step is your profile picture and biography information. Your profile picture on Twitter is already quite small so you have to choose something drawing attention like a close-up of your face in a good quality of pixels. You can adjust your banner for your benefit. Use something related to your influencer persona, your brand, or something catchy for your followers’ attention and interest.

For your Twitter Bio, you should tell something unique and very peculiar to you. Describe what you are going to tweet about, what is your main perspective, goal, or what you offer to your followers on this page. You should convince them to follow you in a few clever words.

2. Quality Content: Information, Humor, and Continuity 

Let’s say your profile details are ready, then, how will you attract more Twitter followers? The formula is simple. If you have a composition of the three elements above which are the information, humor, and continuity in your contents, people will desire to follow you no matter what topic you provide. It can be popular news, or some daily aphorisms or funny content...

The language is critical here. Most of the successful Twitter celebrities write like they are talking to their close friends. Be intimate, be clear, and behave naturally.

 How to Get Real Followers on Twitter for Free

3. Keep Continuity for Real Twitter Followers

Well, we all know that we have 140 characters to use in a tweet. However, you do not have to use all of them. Keep your tweets short, catchy, and cuddly. The key is here the continuity. If you produce content regularly and post your tweets daily, hourly you will get followers on Twitter for free. This is the part you have to make an effort. You should create a stream of content, a flood of tweets to ensure the feeling of continuity. In this way, you will literally become a reality show or a news presenter or whatever your profile matches. And people will want to follow you, read your tweets regularly and they will look forward to seeing new ones.

You can use some short quotes to create engagement, some weekly surveys, questions, and riddles. But what is important to get real followers on Twitter, is tweeting regularly. For example, posting 40 tweets in one day then zero for the next 3 days would not be a logical strategy.

4. Follow Top Rated People and Use “Mentioning”

You should follow influential figures on Twitter but the only ones who interest you. During early times, you should not worry about your follower number. The game is not all about follower numbers. Mention several content producers by using @ to get their attention. And especially, if you are talking about someone or a subject related to someone, we advise you to mention this person.

But be careful, if you use @ sign at the beginning of the tweet, it will be only visible to you and that person. You if you wish to show these tweet you should you mention @ sign within the sentence. Of course, you should answer all your mentions if you want to get real followers on Twitter fast.

 Gain Real Followers on Twitter

5. Be Up to Date and Retweet

People want to be aware of what’s going on in the world. And you know what? Accurate and up-to-date information never hurt anyone. So follow the agenda. Retweet information about current events in the world, in your country, and also in your region. Also, you can become a mobile news agent. You can share what you see around the world if they are worth to be talked about. In this way, people may even retweet you. Keep in mind that your sources should be accurate and valid.

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6. Care for your Followers

This is the key. Everyone wants to be cared for by a loved one. In this case, you are admired and loved. So, you should answer most of the mentions, retweets even maybe some messages as much as you can. Understanding the basic math behind how to get real followers on Twitter for free is basically caring for your followers in real. This way could not only keep your followers but also bring free followers to your Twitter account.

Care for Your Real Followers on Twitter

7. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to utilize the popularity of trend topics. However, be careful not to use political hashtags that much. It is not possible to agree with everyone over Twitter. Stating negative political opinions and hate speech will only make look repulsive. In order to possess real followers, using hashtags in a proper amount is beneficial. Pay attention not to look like spam content because of the intensive use of hashtags.

How to Get Real Followers on Twitter via Hashtags

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Bottom Line

Don’t become obsessed with your follower number at first, try to focus on content, ideas, to entertain and inform your existing audience. And do not forget to take advantage of the Twitter platform and community such as using polls, retweets, mentions, hashtags, and DM messages. These methods will support you to gain real followers on Twitter. Follow the agenda and successful influencers in your area, there is nothing to get inspiration from them. Follow them, retweet them, mention them. Just like what you wish for your followers to act for your Twitter profile.

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