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Go Viral On Instagram: The Tips and Shortcut that Most People Take

Are you still struggling with how to go viral on Instagram? Stop dreaming and work on it. Here you will find the answer to how can I go viral on Instagram.

Updated 2021-10-18 13:56:06 | by Wen

Do you ever dreamed about “Can I be famous on IG overnight”? Are you a talented person but no one notices you? You may feel it is difficult to go viral if you are just a normal netizen. This article is only for those who want to go viral on Instagram but with fewer followers. You may have read many tips before, but you are still confused. Here, you’ll find the best ways of how to go viral on Instagram. All the suggestions are concise and practical.

 How to Go Viral on Instagram

What Are the Decisive Factors to Be Viral?

To begin with, you must know the 2 decisive factors to go viral – the likes and views. How many views does it take to go viral on Instagram? The answer is at least 100.000+ views along with thousands of comments. So does the likes. It’s a huge number but it can be possible even if you only have hundreds of followers. 

One of the Internet characteristics is interactivity. If there’s a higher engagement, you will have a chance to go viral. Therefore, merely getting views is not qualified. Likes and comments are also vital. Next, we will see the best ways to go viral on Instagram

4 Tips to Go Viral on Instagram Overnight

Here are 4 tips that are different in usual ways. The ineffective methods in a short time won’t be talked about in the following, and only the ways that worked stay.

1. Create disputes on hotspot

The first thing you should figure out is what content will go crazy overnight. Three types of content have a bigger chance to go viral, unexpected things, super funny things, and real-time hotspot. You may not meet the unexpected things and super fun things, but you can create a dispute on a hotspot that is the best way to go viral on Instagram. The greater the dispute is, the more the views and engagements you will get. 

Recently, the most concerning thing in the world is Coronavirus which has exposed some social crises, such as the gap between rich and poor, and environmental pollution. You can comment on these events and attach photos with dramatic impact. Or, you can also talk about who will win in November electoral votes, Trump or Biden. 

 Go Viral on Instagram by Creating Disputes

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2. Represented works 

If you are an amateur artist, singer, dancer, etc., you have a greater chance to go viral on Instagram compared to others. You can write a song, which should be brilliant, and sing it on the IG, or you can cover the song that is popular recently. You can also paint a wall and let everyone see how the wall becomes different. No matter what you are good at, you must have represented works. Let them be your ID that’s the way to attract a group of people who have similar hobbies to you.

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3. Engage with the superstars as many as possible

Not only can the posts be viral, but also the comments. The thing you can do is comment as more as you can on the superstars’ posts, and the contents should be humorous and unexpected. If it is possible, you can get the attention both from other fans and the star, and then you’re famous. People will come to your IG to see what you have posted usually. If they like you, they will like your posts and be your followers. But you must not be so crazy about stars that haters will come for you. If you do not mind, you can also be notorious. Besides, comment on others’ posts can not only increase the followers on IG but also can improve the engagement of your posts.

 How Can I Go Viral on Instagram

4. Hashtags to go viral on Instagram

Most of you have posted something that should be the hotspot but it didn’t. Why? Because you didn’t give Instagram an order to grab your content that is the hashtags, which would help to grow the organic reach on IG as they make it easier to discover posts. But it doesn’t mean more hashtags are better, which will make the post spammy. You can create a hashtag or follow one. And here are some rules when you use hashtags:

  • Be relevant, specific, short, and easy to remember

  • Be less competitive. If you use the hashtags that millions of people have added, you won’t be extraordinary.

  • Your account should be public, otherwise, the posts won’t be seen by non-followers.

  • The hashtags won’t work if you use punctuation, spaces, or symbols.

 Hashtags to Go Viral on Instagram

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The Shortcut to Go Viral on IG

If you want to go viral, you also need to have a large follower base that would make sure the basic views and likes of your posts. As I said before, 100.000+views and likes are the starting line to be viral. In addition to the above tips, followers are the shortcut to reach the number. Some would ask, but I only have a few followers. Don’t worry, here is the way out. GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is an app designed for getting real free Instagram followers instantly without breaking the rules of Instagram. Now, the daily active users of the app are at least 100.000 and no user’s IG account has been blocked. It is a great success of the app. 

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Bottom line

Everyone should remember the quote of Zootopia – anyone can be anything. Never give up the idea that you will go viral on Instagram one day. Don’t always indulge in empty talk, you should take action. Stop slide the phones, sit up, and make a grand plan for your future on social media. You can apply with the suggestions above or have other inspiration after reading this article. No matter which way you choose, you will make it come true. If you want to hack Instagram followers? Try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta.

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