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How Many Instagram Followers Do I Have & Methods to Make Money with Followers 2021

"How many Instagram followers do I have" will never confusing you and make money out of the problem. Just come and check it now!

Updated 2021-07-05 10:47:01 | by Julian

The importance of Instagram has increased vastly overtime ever since its release. It has become drastically huge as of 2021. Before, we followed our friends and family or some celebrities, but now we care more about the Instagram follower count of us and others. "How many followers do I have on Instagram" is a problem that confuses us greatly. But today the article is going to tell all the stuff about it to you.

Here are what you are going to know:

Title List

Why Need to Know How Many Instagram Followers Do I Have?

At the very beginning of to know how many followers I have on Instagram exactly, the article is going to teach the importance of knowing the number.

Here are some reasons why need to know how many Instagram followers do I have:

Reason 1: Make the Numbers Money

Many users with a big number of followers are getting paid Instagram promotion now. So can you to make the numbers into the money in your pocket. To know how much you could make for a post, you should know how many followers you have first.

Reason 2: Make Yourself the Brand

As your followers grow, your famous goes up. Like Kim Kardashian is a brand to Instagram, you can also be a brand, too. To get free Instagram followers and make yourself a great brand to many people.

Reason 3: Market Your Product

Now Instagram has become a perfect place for brands to reach new clients and customers. You can market your own product here if you know how many Instagram followers you have. What's more? You would know what they like & want exactly so you could make the marketing works the best.

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How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly After 10K?

Everyone knows that the exact follower numbers are hidden after 10K. So "how many followers do I have on Instagram exactly" became a problem that confuses many ones. But no worries, the article has got you covered. Some methods are given the following for you to learn. Keep reading and find out!

Method 1: Check How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly Online

This should be the easiest method for anyone who wants to know the exact follower number online. All you have to do it just hold your mouse over the follower count (Anyone you want to know about) and the exact number will just pop up like so:

How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly Online


As the first method of "check how many followers do I have on Instagram exactly", it requires nothing but a desktop - no password and no log-in needed.

Method 2: Check How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly on the Phone

Step 1: Find "Settings" in your Instagram account homepage > Privacy


How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly - Step 1

Step 2: Click "Comments" > Click "Allow Comments From"

How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly - Step 2

Step 3: Then you will find the exact number

How Many Followers Do I Have on Instagram Exactly - Step 3

To Know How Many Followers Your Friends Have Exactly & Privately

It requires users to sign-in with their own IG accounts to know their own follower numbers. Here a recommended counter is given for anyone who wants to how many followers their friends have exactly, and more importantly, privately.

Use a Followers Counter to Know It Exactly & Privately

Here the article recommends the Instagram Followers Counter from for you to know others' followers exactly & privately.

Step 1: Enter the Instagram Username > Check Now

How Many Instagram Followers Do I have - Instagram Followers Counter

Step 2: Then you could see the exact number

How Many Instagram Followers Do I Have - Instagram Followers Counter Result

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Find Out How Many Ghost Followers Do I Have on Instagram

It is not enough to just know how many followers you have on Instagram but more importantly is how many followers are real and fake. Fake followers are what will hurt your account and brand by drop your engagement to 2%. As a result that you're less likely to appear in the news feed of your followers because Instagram is showing your content to less people than before.

And it means fewer people are going to engage with you - what does it mean:

  1. Your engagement rate will drop again.

  2. And fewer people will see what you post.

  3. Your engagement rate will drop yet again.

  4. And lesser and fewer people will see.

It’s a vicious cycle AKA the ghost followers snowball effect.

Now you can start identifying ghost followers by looking for users who have the following:

  1. 0 Followers

  2. 0 Posts

  3. No Profile Icon

  4. High Ratio of People They Follow to Followers

  5. 0 Posts in the Last 30 Days - 60 Days

  6. Username Filled with Random Numbers or Words

Here is the best guide on how to remove ghost followers on Instagram for you to learn. Followers are treasures, yet fake ones are poisons. To find out them and remove them now.

Here are also some Instagram ghost followers apps, which can also help to get rid of these ghosts. Just click and find out more about it!

How to Get More Instagram Followers to Make More Money?

The article has told that it is great to make money with many followers on Instagram. Now, you will need more followers so you could make more money.

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You can have 10,000 IG followers with the help of GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta, and you can make more money with them.

Depending on your brand of Instagram content, your followers, and your level of commitment, you can make money here in the following ways:

  1. Work with brands on sponsored posts.

  2. Become an affiliate of a brand.

  3. Open your own online store on Instagram.

  4. Sell your photos online or on things.

And the beauty here is that chasing one revenue stream doesn’t necessarily rule out another. See is it lovely to learn how to make more money by getting more followers here?

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The Bottom Line

"How many Instagram followers do I have?" will never be a problem for anyone who has read this article. What is more? Some methods to identify the ghost followers and make money by getting followers are given. Why not give them a try now? You will never be disappointed! 

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