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How To Increase Engagement On Instagram in 2021

If you are looking for how to increase Instagram engagement, here are 10 actionable tips to improve your strategy and help you achieve better results.

Updated 2021-09-17 13:45:45 | by Cody

It is more important than ever to increase engagement on Instagram in 2021. Whether your business is about products, services or information, you can find a ton of opportunities to grow your business on Instagram management. A follower who doesn't respond to your posts will probably not be interested in buying what you offer, so the secret to get most out of Instagram is Engagement. 

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What is Instagram engagement?

 Engagement is the way people interact with content posted on Instagram including likes in feed posts, comments on feed posts, save feed posts, submit feed posts, time spent on timeline, direct message sending, stories answers and interactions such as answering polls and submitting questions, Story actions such as holding the screen to view and navigating the Stories, etc. 

Instagram wants you to connect with people on a regular basis. If you are not willing to really connect with this audience, you cannot expect your audience to buy from you. If you are a social influencer, brands will not hire you if your audience never reacts to your posts, so engagement is the key to success on Instagram. 

Use hashtags that make sense

Hashtags allow people to see your content when they search, click on the hashtag, and go to the “Explore” session, where the Instagram algorithm selects posts related to what the user has already engaged.

Statistics shows that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those that have none, so use a hashtag when it is relevant, but don’t go too aggressive. If the is not relevant to the content, people will view and leave without interacting, which will not bring visibility or engagement.

Use Instagram stickers on stories

The great game of stories is related to their ability to make the viewer stop at your post and interact. A great way to achieve it is to use stickers, because with them you can quickly and easily arouse the interest of your followers, thus improving their engagement and even generating relationships and sales.

Mention other profiles

Social media is about making friends. Mentioning other profiles in your post will give them a boost. Luickly, the person will  comment or share your content with their audience. This is another opportunity to gain visibility and receive interactions. 

But you cannot tag any with a random photo,caption or story, which may be just spaming. You should only mention other persons if they will be interested or you want that them to answer something. 

You need to be creative and make publications that bring topics that others want to share and comment on. For example, youu can post in the feed about some current news and mention profiles you would like to contribute to the discussion. 

Timing is crucial

People tend to interact with the content in their free time rather than during their work hours, so it is better to publish your post on weekdays from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The best varies depending on the specific niche you are in. 

You can run some tests to see which times and days of the week most followers are online, which can help you find out when your chances of engagement increase.

 Respond to direct messages and comments

Incoming questions and opinions should always be answered. After all, they are great opportunities for the user to continue interacting and generating more engagement. What’s more, it encourages commenters to continue commenting. 

When you receive questions, you should realy explain it instead of simply putsome emojis. Ideally, you can comment on feed posts and reply to stories from other profiles. 

Send messages to profiles that respond to your stickers

As others have said, stickers are essential to maintaining the vitality of your profile, but it is no use waiting for answers and doing nothing with them.

Your level of interaction increases when you respond to everyone and, by sharing, triggers the mental trigger of social proof, which raises your authority within the network.

And yet, with this action, you show Instagram that you are an authentic and real user.

Post videos to feed

Posting videos to the feed also helps followers spend more time watching your content. Take care that the video is light and already generates interest in the first few seconds. If you have longer videos, then post it to IGTV. 

Instagram gives preference to IGTV content delivery , it is a way to encourage the use of platform extension.

Write Deep Captions 

As we count, the time the person spends with the timeline stopped in a post signals engagement for Instagram.

Something that contributes to increasing the time the person spends with the timeline stopped in a post is longer captions, so write it like a microblog. You can tell about how the image was made, pass on information, do analysis or what else your audience appreciates. Ideally, use key phrases that draw attention, and use questions or doubts to encourage comments. 

Hold really relevant contests

Everyone loves winning awards, but you need to choose the awards carefully. Surely, you can set any valuable gifts as the award, you will gain followers and increase engagement, but over time, it is not going to help your business.

Therefore, make rewards related to your segment, so you will gain followers who are interested in the content you post and then they are more likely to come to your profile or even convert to a paying customer. 

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