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Best Instagram Filters App: Meet All Your Needs for Posts’ Beautification

Want to add filters to photo for Instagram? This article would introduce you to the best Instagram filters app in 2021 which can meet all your needs.

Updated 2021-07-05 14:22:03 | by Kevin

Photos for Instagram posts need to beautify, this has already become common knowledge among people. And the first thought comes into people’s mind about Instagram posts’ beautification is various kinds of Instagram selfie filters app. As we all know, Instagram itself occupies many filters. But most of them cannot meet people’s everchanging needs for filters. They want more beautiful filters and more settings that they could design by themselves. Therefore, this passage going to introduce 3 best apps for Instagram filters with powerful functions and considerable DIY settings.

Talking about the best app for Instagram filters, Snapseed and VSCO cannot be set aside. These two apps earned a lot of fame and users by their useful functions as well as professional edit. VSCO could also function as a video editor for your Instagram story. NOMO may not sound familiar to you. The reason that this app is one of the best apps for Instagram filters is its unique film filters which could make your Instagram post eye-catching and atheistic. Tests and comparison of these three apps would be illustrated in the content below. All the screenshots were taken on smartphone based on Android

Snapseed Best  App for Free Instagram Filters.png

Snapseed: Best App for Free Instagram Filters

Last Update: Android (April 14, 2020)   iOS (November 25, 2019)

Snapseed provides you with a one-stop solution for Instagram filters. Plenty of filters and DIY settings enable you to design photos by the way you like. It has a simple user interface and logic. You can use those filters settled in the “LOOKS”, or make more adjustments in “TOOLS”. If you were a beginner of Instagram, Snapseed would be the best filters app for your first Instagram posts. Here is how you can make full use of it:

1. Select photo from Gallery or File Manager to edit.

2. Add filters or use tools to adjust photos for Instagram posts.

Snapseed Best  App for Free Instagram Filters - Step 2.jpg

3. 28 useful tools for you designing photos to its full extent.

Snapseed Best  App for Free Instagram Filters - Step 3.jpg

NOMO Best  App for Instagram Filters with Exquisite Films’ Filter.png

NOMO: Best App for Instagram Filters with Exquisite Films’ Filter

Last Update: Android (February 18, 2021)   iOS (March 10, 2021)

The reason that this app appears at this place is that it has various kinds of film filters that could make your photos taken by smartphone resemble real camera photos. Using photos taken by NOMO, you are going to acquire lots of new followers and likes.  So, just keep reading the brief introduction of NOMO below:

1. Open NOMO. Lots of “cameras” with fabulous filters will be displayed.

2. Choose cameras to take photos for Instagram posts. Free cameras are available. If you want more classic cameras, you can choose those paid ones or update to the pro user.

NOMO Best  App for Instagram Filters with Exquisite Films’ Filter - Step 2.jpg

3. Here are two photos by NOMO.

NOMO Best  App for Instagram Filters with Exquisite Films’ Filter - Step 3.png

VSCO Best App for Instagram Filters and Video Editor.png

VSCO: Best App for Instagram Filters and Video Editor

Last Update: Android (March 16, 2021)   iOS (March 10, 2021)

VSCO, which is very famous and powerful, provides filters for photos for many years with experience. It seems that there is no need to introduce. But in case many people who have not used this app, a brief introduction is necessary. Here is how you can use it:

1. Sign up or sign in VSCO.

2. You can choose the free 7-day trial at first for all filters and video editing or just use innate free filters. The subscription of VSCO for all the filters and functions is also available.

3. Start to make your photos fancier and more attractive.

VSCO Best App for Instagram Filters and Video Editor - Step 3.jpg

4. Use innate filters or make adjustments by yourself.

VSCO Best App for Instagram Filters and Video Editor - Step 4.jpg

5. Video editing could be finished by VSCO as well. You can use VSCO for Instagram story or vlog filters. 

VSCO Best App for Instagram Filters and Video Editor - Step 5.png

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Which Instagram Filters App Suits You Best?

4.5(GP)4(AS)12 filters and 28 toolsNone

40 camaras and 6 free

$24.99/year or $2.08/month
VSCO4.33.5205 filters and 10 freeFree 7-day trial and $76.99/year or $6.42/month

Comparison of these three apps (Data collected from Google Play and App Store, July 15, 2020)

GP means Google Play, AS means App Store. And the number of filters and price of subscription are everchanging.

Snapseed, developed by Google LLC, is easy to use and powerful. Many innated filters and tools are enough for most users. Most importantly, this Instagram photo editing app does not require subscription and it’s free to use. If you are looking for one free and useful filters app, trust me, Snapseed is the best app for free Instagram filters.

NOMO, this app would be the first choice for those people who are fond of film filters and their unique fancy. If you find that free cameras cannot meet your needs, you could try pro cameras by subscription.

VSCO, with its abundant filters and video editing, undoubtedly is the best Instagram filters app for you to try. Though free filters are limited, you can still make lots of adjustments to your photos. The subscription allows you to utilize this app comprehensively if you want to produce photos with more special and novel filters. 

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The Bottom Line

After reading all the content above, you must be clear about which Instagram photo filters app suits you best. If not, just go to try these apps mentioned above by yourself and find the most suitable one for your Instagram post. Appropriate filters would help you get more Instagram followers and likes. And do not forget to try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta, this Instagram followers gainer app could help you with followers and likes a lot.

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