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2021 Top 10 Best Get Instagram Followers App to Gain Follows on All Devices

10 top Instagram followers app helps to get followers on Instagram for iPhone, Android, and PC. See how to hack unlimited IG followers with the top follow apps.

Updated 2021-06-11 09:44:31 | by Thea

We all enjoy being liked by people in real life and social platforms, that’s why many people looking for methods to get real followers on Instagram. Let alone those in business who want to promote and generate revenue through social media platforms. They are more eager to gain real active followers on Instagram fast and free. It looks like not easy to become popular like a celebrity or an Instagram influencer. But intelligence and technology make things possible that given rising to Instagram followers app.


Less Instagram followers or no Instagram followers make people feel down. Undoubtedly, it’s never an easy ride to get thousands of genuine followers and massive free IG likes especially if new to Instagram. However, with the right method and get followers app for Instagram, you’ll get the easy route to get 10000+ followers on Instagram. More than anything, it’s totally free and safe.


Top 3 Most-Chosen App      
Followers Gallery        
Other 7 Followers App      
Turbo Followers        
Top Follow App       
Get Followers Up        
InstaRabbit App        
Followers Pro      

Making use of the Instagram real followers app is an efficient growth method to quickly get massive followers on Instagram. Instagram followers app free is the first thing people take into consideration. Then the next important consideration is the quality of followers. So, this review will share the best 8 Instagram followers get app including turbo followers for Instagram APK and iOS apps regarding the quality, safety, timeliness, and other relevant issues. Keep reading, you’ll clear after checking the follow-up guide.

Before checking the details of get Instagram followers app, let’s take a look at a comparison table of these Instagram followers gainer apps. 

Comparison Chart of Best Instagram Followers App in 2021

App NamePriceCompatibilityGet FollowersGet LikesAre Followers Real
GetInsta AppFree & PaidAndroid, iOS, PCReal
Followers GalleryFree & PaidiOSReal
Turbo Followers for InstagramFreeAndroid, iOS, macOSNot Sure
Top Follow AppFreeAndroidNot Sure
Get Followers UPFreeAndroidNot Sure
IstlikeFree & PaidAndroid, iOSNot Sure
AiGrowFree & PaidWeb-Not Sure
InstaRabbit AppPaidAndroid-Real
Followers Pro
PaidiOSNot Sure

1. GetInsta - Best Free IG Followers App

GetInsta has millions of downloads and registered users. It is a community-driven Instagram promotion app that helps you gain 100% real likes and followers from active Instagram users for FREE. Unlike the buy Instagram followers app, this is an Instagram follower with coins app that enables users to acquire 1000, 10,000 followers, 50k followers, and more for FREE. It’s a free Instagram followers app for Android, iOS, and PC.

GetInsta - Best Instagram Followers & Likes App

  • Free high-quality Instagram followers & likes from 100% real person.
  • Organic daily IG followers & likes with various subscriptions.
  • Instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

How it works:

GetInsta allows you to gain free likes, engagement, and increase targeted Instagram followers with the help of other real Instagram users without paying a penny. It gathers real Instagram users at its security system. The users will be awarded coins that can be used to gain more followers on their own profiles. No personally identifiable information needed. You can get followers instantly without survey and verification

Easy steps to get free followers with GetInsta:

Step 1: Download the app and launch it on your device.

Notice: You can get it by downloading GetInsta APK or download it from App Store, or get its PC version.

Step 2: Sign up with GetInsta and then login.

Step 3: Use your coins to get free followers immediately. You’ll receive some coins that can be used to buy Instagram followers once you log into the app. And you can earn unlimited coins by doing easy coin tasks. 


Pros & Cons

  • √ All real users & genuine likes, no bots

  • √ Dedicated support

  • √ Organic growth, getting followers and likes daily

  • √ Beautiful UI design

  • × Sometimes reflect slowly

  • × No mac version

GetInsta is regarded as not only a get 1000 Instagram followers app to get Instagram followers free, but also a clean and pure app without any restrictions: no password, no survey, no verification, no login, no payment, and no followers number limits. You can regard it as 10k followers on the Instagram free app or unlimited free Instagram followers app if you keep using it to grow followers up.

Besides making use of the best Instagram followers app to hack tons of followers on Instagram, there are lots of great websites out there that can help you get followers quickly, like,, and more. Well, if you want to find the best place to buy Instagram followers, here is a review about 5 best sites to buy IG followers that can provide you with some reference.

2. Followers Gallery – Auto Followers App

Followers Gallery is another Instagram followers coin app, which can help you gain free and active Instagram followers automatically. It has accumulated millions of real active users and has got good feedback since it started. Also, it relies on virtual coins to buy followers and likes.

How it works:

1. Download the app from App Store for your iPhone or get the Android apk online.

2. Add username to get started to get coins by doing tasks.

3. Use the coins to get free IG followers instantly.

Pros & Cons

  • √ Works for both Android and iOS

  • √ Real followers and quality likes

  • √ Easy to use

  • × The logo is not exquisite

3. Turbo Followers for Instagram App

Turbo Followers for Instagram is one of the best free Instagram followers app (Android and iOS app). With it, you can get thousands of free followers very quickly. It guaranteed to deliver 1000 free Instagram followers instantly to make you popular on Instagram in minutes.


How it works:

It offers users a system to collect coins by following others or like their posts. Then, you can use the coins to buy followers and likes.

Easy steps to get followers with Turbo Followers for Instagram:

Step 1. View other people and follow them to get free coins

Step 2. Spend coins to get followers likes

Step 3. View real-time status report for your orders for followers

Pros & Cons

  • √ Can be used on both computers and mobile phones

  • √ Free and easy to use

  • √ Get real and active users

  • × Some of the app's features are costly

4. InstaBox - Magic Booster

InstaBox, one of the top auto-follow app for free Instagram followers, offering real Instagram followers. In this iOS followers app, you can check your Instagram followers, posts' likes, and your account's trending performance. Within the app, you can easily get more follows on Instagram for free automatically. Besides, it offers more practical features including a sticker maker to make your post more attractive.



  • Gives a report in the form of graphs so that you can see the changes in your followers and posts’ likes. 

  • Offers you the one-stop solution to manage multiple Instagram accounts on this app.

  • Builds a thorough security system that helps you increase Instagram followers and likes for unlimited free.


It is only available on iOS.

5. Top Follow App: Hack Free Followers

Top Follow App is a newly released Instagram followers mod App. This App also adopts an Instagram follow train logic which requires you to follow or like to get coins. And then use coins to get free Instagram followers or likes. Some pros and cons of this top follow App are listed below for reference.

Top Follow App: Hack Free Followers.png

Pros & Cons

  • √ Free Instagram followers & likes

  • √ Follow & like Task could be finished automatically

  • √ Coins from the Daily bonus and inviting friends

  • × Follow only for 4 coins and like for 2 coins

  • × Login requires Instagram account

  • × Claim the Daily bonus after completing 15 tasks of Follow or Like

6. Get Followers UP - Get Free Followers

To get instant followers without buying, Get Followers UP is another IG followers app for users to get free Instagram followers. It helps users create engaging posts and fancy photos. It’s more like a tool to help you create attractive content to gain followers.


Pros & Cons

  • √ Free to use

  • √ Free image editing tools and filters

  • × You’ve got to do everything yourself to receive a substantial following

  • × Computer users cannot use Get Followers UP

7. IstLike - Free Instagram Followers

IstLike is designed for growing Instagram likes and gain free followers. It is an early Instagram followers app in the market, which provides you a way to get coins for liking other’s posts, following others, and inviting friends. The coin is what you can use to get followers. You can also buy coins in the app.


How it works:

1. Get coins by liking others, following others or inviting friends. Or, buy it directly.

2. With the coins, you can get followers and likes.

Pros & Cons

  • √ Works for both Android and iOS

  • √ All real users & genuine likes

  • √ Get limitless likes you want

  • √ Easy to use

  • × It’s tough to earn many coins

8. AiGrow - Increase Free Followers 

AiGrow is an all in one Instagram marketing app, not only for increasing Instagram followers but also for scheduling post or story. More features are there deserved to give it a try.


How it works:

It provides the service that combines an Ai platform with the expertise of their Instagram managers team to help you gain real and engaged followers. They guarantee the growth of 500 new followers per month and offer scheduler, DM and POD tools for free.

Steps to get Instagram followers with AiGrow:

1. Sign-up a free account

2. Configure your targeting options (hashtags, influencer accounts, locations, etc.)

3. Once you are done with the settings, your account manager will start his work and gain followers based on your targeting options.

Pros & Cons

  • √ Real and engaged followers

  • √ Free trial

  • √ Guaranteed growth

  • √ No need to download anything

  • × Poor UI design

Note: If you want to buy real Instagram followers? You can take reference of others' followers buying experiments that will be helpful for making a smart choice.

9. InstaRabbit App

InstaRabbit is another insta followers app in the Instagram market. The services offered by InstaRabbit are not as same as others. It provides 3 different services with varial features: Viral service for Instagram likes, followers growth service for real Instagram followers, and a VIP growth service that delivers both followers and likes.


How it works:

Step 1: Simply signup for free

Step 2: Join your niche pods and buy services

Step 3: Their experts will optimize your hashtag set

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy going viral

Step 5: See your full growth reports

Pros & Cons

  • √ Instantly delivered

  • √ Beautiful UI design

  • √ Web-based, no downloads needed

  • √ Offers 3 days free trial

  • × One time service

  • × High prices, the cheapest service costs 70 USD per month

10. Follower Pro

Follower Pro + is another powerful followers app on Instagram based on iOS with multiple features. It provides statistics for your Instagram profiles, showing how many followers you got, which users blocked you, who didn’t follow you back, who likes and comments your posts, etc.


How it works:

1. Get and run the app.

2. Tap the section in the app to earn coins.

3. You can get more coins by doing coin tasks or watching ads, writing reviews and inviting users.

4. With the coins, you can buy Instagram followers and likes. Simultaneously, you can buy coins or buy followers & likes with your purse directly.

Pros & Cons:

  • √ Gain Instagram likes and followers

  • √ Easy to use

  • √ Nice UI design

  • √ Supports multiple accounts

  • √ Chart of followers growth

  • √ Multiple tracking features, including track followed and unfollowed followers, track engagement, track post likes & comments, etc

  • × Only iOS supported

  • × Coin rewards are unstable; the longer you use the app, the harder it is to get coins

What is Instagram Followers App?

Simply say, the Instagram followers app is an application or software developed to organically make one Instagram account gain spike followers or likes in an easy way. With the Instagram followers app, account owners can make use of them on their accounts or posts to attract more followers.

Why You Need an Instagram Followers App?

Instagram is among the world's most used social media platforms by both business entities and individuals, across different industries and various ages. Your number of followers determines how influential your account is. That's why so many people looking for a reliable Instagram followers app.

Attract 10 million real followers and your business account will start generating million-dollar sales. Attract 5 million active followers to your personal account and become an Instagram influencer. Well, it's indeed not so easy to become an influencer. However, you can approach that goal step by step as long as your Instagram followers keep growing. You know followers of each account grow from zero to 100, 1000, 10,000, and more. As long as your follower base keeps growing, it's going to happen. Using the Instagram followers app is just a smart way to help you make it quicker. GetInsta is one of the best Instagram followers apps that worth giving it a try.

GetInsta - Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes without Following

  • Unlimited free Instagram followers, active and 100% real.
  • Totally free and authentic Instagram likes.
  • No password. No survey. Instant delivery.

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Does Instagram Followers App Work?

Some work perfectly while others are just mere trials. Read the reviews wisely and check on the number of downloads and then make an informed decision.

Are Real Instagram Followers App?

Each app has its method of giving followers and likes. Some of them may real; some of them may fake since some app providers dedicate to generate bot followers. Followers from the GetInsta community are 100% real since this app just allowed registered and active Instagram users.

Is Instagram Followers App Safe?

The answer is yes and no.

The answer to this question is twofold. If you mean the app or software itself, you can rest assured that they're safe. Some apps may require your password, but they do follow the corresponding rules in this regard for personal privacy protection.

If you're referring to your Instagram account, what you concern most is probably whether using these apps will cause your account to be blocked. Generally speaking, it is absolutely safe if you use it properly. For example, delivering 10,000 followers to a just newly registered account in one day is not quite reasonable. So, it’s better to get followers organically.

Instagram will also not penalize your actions since you are interacting directly with other real Instagram users and getting likes and follows from them like you normally would.

Other Best Apps to Grow Followers on Instagram

Besides using followers get app to promote your Instagram, there are many other apps that aim to help you better schedule your IG post content, process your images, manage your followers, improve engagement, and ultimately grow followers on Instagram. The following are some best apps review for your reference so that to grow IG followers for free. They are helpful, check them out:

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The Bottom Line

After analyzing the above-listed free Instagram followers app working principles, pros, and cons, GetInsta stood out. With it, you can gain thousands of real and active Instagram users instantly. It can be downloaded and installed from the Apple app store. Plus, you can also download GetInsta APK on your Android phone or get PC version as well. Try out GetInsta and start to get 1000 followers in 5 minutes


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