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5 Easy Ways to Grow 1000 Free Instagram Followers on Reddit in 2021

How to get 1k free Instagram followers Reddit? This article lists 5 easy ways to help you get more free Instagram followers on Reddit 2021.

Updated 2021-07-05 13:35:57 | by Grace

There is one question on Quora: how to grow Instagram followers on Reddit? 

How to Grow Instagram Followers on Reddit

Some of you may be curious about Reddit. Reddit, known as the “front page of the internet”, is a network of communities based on different subjects and topics. It ranks 6 in the US according to Alexa. Breaking news, sports, a never-ending stream of the Internet’s cutest animals... you can always find at least a subreddit you want to join on Reddit. It was shown that there are more than 430m average monthly active users and over 130k active communities on Reddit. What a large number! 

Topics associated with Instagram are among these active subreddits as Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram followers and Instagram marketing. As followers are one of the most concerning things for Instagramers, they try to find ways to get Instagram followers on Reddit for free. But how? Read the following and you’ll get the answer.

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What are Subreddits on Reddit?

Discussions on Reddit are organized into user-created areas of interest called “subreddits”, which names begin with “r/”. For example, r/science is a community devoted to talking about scientific things. You are allowed to post stories, links, images, and videos, make comments, and vote within subreddits. The vote is a special function. Posts and comments can be upvoted or downvoted. You’ll get karma after your posts or comments have received upvotes. The post that receives the most karma is shown on the front page. If a post is downvoted by many people, it eventually becomes hidden and you have to click to expand it.

Instagram Followers Reddit - Subreddit

Although everyone can post content they want to share on Reddit, you should keep it in mind that there are moderators that play the role as supervisor to ensure that all users can comply with the rules. So you should follow both the rules of Reddit and the unique rules of each subreddit. Then you could try the following 5 methods about how to get Instagram followers Reddit.

1: Join Communities Like FollowforFollow Instagram Reddit

There are a large number of communities. Which kind of community can help you gain Instagram followers on Reddit? The first hack to get Instagram followers on Reddit is joining relevant communities. We put the method at first because it’s the easiest way to get followers on Reddit. Many people are trying to increase their Instagram followers. So there are some communities that aim to grow Instagram followers on Reddit, including followback, followforfollow, and Instagramfollowers. 

Joining these communities and sharing your Instagram handle in the comment (that is your Instagram username) is the second. Then you can get free Instagram followers. It is clear that you are supposed to follow back as soon as possible. It is the most direct way to get more free Instagram followers Reddit. You can also follow someone and direct message him or her for a follow back. 

How to Grow Instagram Followers Reddit - Join Communities

2: Create New Posts to Gain Free Instagram Followers Reddit

An important thing you need to do before posting is to read the rules of the subreddit, which is always on the right side. Posts that break one of these rules are senseless because the moderator will delete them. 

There are three types of posts on Reddit: simple text posts, links, and photos/videos. Photos perform better and links perform best. Just dropping the link in the post is not wise behavior. You can combine texts with a link in your post in communities to give others quick access to your Instagram profile and follow you. To create posts in communities such as follow4follow and FollowforFollow, you just need to post brief information about your Instagram account if you want and leave your Instagram username. That’s an easy way to get free Instagram followers instantly on Reddit.

A flair is always useful because it helps users filter content on a subreddit. It functions as the hashtags on Instagram. When you post, it is a good way to add flairs to your post if possible. (Flairs are not available for some communities.)

How to Grow Instagram Followers Reddit - Create Posts

You also need to notice the posting time. Time is important, so choose the right time to post. It mainly depends on the users subscribed to the subreddit that you are going to post to. Reddit post analyzer is an efficient tool to help you make decisions on when to post. 

Don’t make your post looks like an ad, which will be downvoted by most people.

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3: Use Instagram Followers App to Get More Free Followers Reddit

Reddit is a large website. If you take advantage of it reasonably, you can gain 1000 Instagram followers in 5 minutes. How? The answer is using the Instagram auto followers app to get followers Reddit. Available on PC, Android, and iOS, it allows users to get free Instagram followers and likes without limit by doing simple tasks. These followers are from real and active accounts. You can use this app without human verification, password, and survey. It’s very convenient and safe. 

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4: Make Comments to Get More Instagram Followers Reddit

Living in the Internet age, we communicate with others through smartphones or PC rather than face-to-face way. If you want to get more Instagram followers, you could make comments to show your personal charm. 

Reply to others’ questions in time, give others useful suggestions, comment on others’ posts in a good manner... They are effective to help you attract others to check your profile by sharing high-quality content or making comments with interesting and humorous words. It’s also a time-saving trick to put a link to your IG profile in your Reddit bio. Another trick is to put a link to your post on Instagram in the comment. Remember that your comments should be relevant content.

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5: Create New Communities to Get More Free Instagram Followers on Reddit

How to get more free followers on Instagram Reddit? One of the effective ways is to create a new community. You cannot create communities as many as you want. To prevent spam, the first requirement you have to meet to create new communities is that your account must be at least 30 days old and have enough positive karma to create communities. But if you satisfy the condition and already have enough audience bases, you can create your own community on Reddit, which will be very rewarding. 

We emphasize that because it is very hard to build a community for someone who has small followers. Once you have a community, the subreddit is an ideal platform to communicate with your audience. More followers bring more participators. Then you can develop them as your Instagram followers.

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Bottom line

That’s all about how to get more Instagram followers Reddit. Reddit is a growing family of diverse people sharing things they care about. So getting more free Instagram followers on Reddit is a trending and effective way to improve your Instagram account. We list 5 easy methods to help you get 1000 free Instagram followers Reddit daily. GetinsupGettInsitaGetInsta is the best Instagram followers app to get massive followers on Instagram. Try the GetinsupGettInsitaGetInsta app on Reddit to get more free followers.

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