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Great Instagram Names' Idea That Ensure You Get Followers in 2021 [Bonus]

Looking for a great Instagram username to attract more followers? Check these Instagram idea names that ensure you get followers to get a boost on IG in 2021!

Updated 2021-07-05 11:03:25 | by Julian

Finding the best Instagram name could be a really long hard, but important process. You should put the keywords in your username so that could help you to get attention and expand your brand. But how to put it in the name and make the name appealing at last? Here the article is going to show you some Instagram idea names that will ensure you get followers & likes!

Here are what you are going to learn in the article:

Title List

How Instagram Idea Names Ensure You Get Followers? And More

Whenever we notice an Instagramer, we notice their usernames first. So obviously, that to have a good Instagram username is one of the most important things for IG users when it comes to getting free Instagram followers.

So how Instagram idea names ensure you get more followers?

A Great First Impression - As the article mentioned that users will focus on others' names at first. So if you got a very interesting name, you are more likely to leave a good first impression and be followed.

A Strong Attraction - If the name shows the theme clear of your IG, then you will have more attraction to these specific people.

Instagram Idea Name - Benefits

And what are other benefits you can get by having a good IG username than just get followers? Check these benefits are listed below:

Grow You IG - A great IG username is better for you to grow your Instagram account no matter your IG represents your brand or yourself. It will help you to grow much more easily. 

Followers & Likes - It will help you to get more likes on IG from real & active people. Some will follow you just because you got the "key" in the name.

Famous - Finally you could go famous with one of the best Instagram name ideas. You will get more famous while the IG name will also be a mark of yourself. The name will be your brand, too.


Not only IG name is something that ensures you get followers & likes. The caption is also very important for growing IG. Check the Instagram caption ideas to learn more about it!

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What's the Instagram Names Idea When Choosing a Username?

The article is going to share with you some Instagram username ideas when finding a new IG name. Just keep reading to find out more about it!

Key Pronunciation

The first Instagram username idea is to put keywords in it. If you want your IG username to ensure you more followers and likes, the key is to put the best pronunciation in it. Let's say there are 100 new people visit your page, maybe 80 people are from using the Instagram hashtags search tool to look for your IG name and follow you.


An Instagram trending hashtag is also one of the best ideas when trying to grow your Instagram and get more followers and likes.

Notice Its Length

The second Instagram username idea is that you have to notice the length of the name. You will always need to help people memorizing your social media, as nobody has time to memorize your username if it is very long. So notice your Instagram username's length is important now.

Always Original

Always stay original will help to attract the interest of the IG users and help you to stand out from all the others. That is very crucial to use an original and striking name so it can turn out to be the X factor of your IG.

Perfect Niche

To have a clear niche in the name is also a great Instagram username idea. It will help others to have a clear clue on what is your IG about at the first sight so they are more likely to follow you later. What's more? It also helps you to be searched when others are finding some specific keywords.

Instagram Idea Name - Find The Niche

Avoid the Popular Names

Last but not least Instagram's username idea is avoiding the popular names which have been already taken. Always remember to avoid those popular words that others already used in their username.

Here are 6 examples based on the Instagram name ideas:

  • Honey Genies: @honeygencies

  • Far Lancer: @farlancer

  • Moon: @moonish

  • Kiss: @kissops

  • Gamer: @gamerinthearea

  • Movie: @movieadora

Just put the keywords and specific niche in the name and it will be much easier for others to memorize and follow you. Make sure that you remember the Instagram name's idea when choosing a username.

Some Other Instagram Name Ideas to Make You More Personal

To Use Your Own Name

One of the Instagram username ideas to make yourself more personal is to use your own name. It is what will be the best representation of you and it will be memorable for other users, too.

Instagram Idea Name - Own Name

+ I Am

One of the Instagram username ideas to make yourself more personal to put something special in your own name when your name has been taken. This will make you special and memorable, too.

Instagram Idea Name - I Am

+ Official

Also, you can add the word official at the end of your IG name. This is better for personal brands, artists, or famous people.

Instagram Idea Name - Official

Not only a great username ensures you get followers but also the Instagram profile icon does. Also, check how to change Instagram icon to explore more. 

Finding a Good Name by Using Instagram Name Generator

Instagram name generator maybe is not the best choice when finding a great IG username but it is a great helper for finding many Instagram name ideas. It gives you all the random answers in many different aspects. The Instagram name generator is super creative, these appealing IG usernames it could create for you maybe are what you can't imagine but it can't give!

Now, why not checking the 5 best Instagram name generators to pick the best suitable one for you to find a good IG username or get Instagram username ideas to boost.

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The Bottom Line

Finding the best IG username is never an easy case but start with the great Instagram name ideas will be absolutely an excellent place. You could learn all the stuff about idea Instagram names in 2021 from the article and maybe give a try on the IG name generator, also the great helper GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta. With the help of the options and suggestions, you will find a good name that ensures you hack Instagram followers!


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