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Know & Avoid Exceeding Instagram Like Limit and Get More IG Likes Free 2021

Know the details of Instagram like limit and other restrictions through this article to avoid being banned or restricted and get more Instagram likes free.

Updated 2021-07-07 09:31:37 | by Gracie

Instagram has some limits on like, follow, post, hashtag, etc. Usually, these limits focus on the frequency of the actions on Instagram. Among all these limits, Instagram like limit is particularly important for users as they may often exceed the limit. However, these limits are beneficial to users because they are designed to protect users’ accounts and reduce bots. And if we keep our behavior on Instagram under the limits, we won’t be punished by Instagram. So, when we want to increase our Instagram likes, it’s important to keep our behavior on Instagram under the like limit to avoid punishment. 

Instagram Like Limit

This article tells the details of Instagram limits, especially Instagram like limit in 2021, and provides methods to avoid exceeding the like limit, including a free app used to increase Instagram likes and followers safely without worrying about the like limit on Instagram.

Details of Instagram Like Limit

Instagram like limit is the most cared limitation, and both receiving and giving too many likes in a short time may result in a banned or restricted account. Therefore, it is important to know details about Instagram like limit. The result of exceeding Instagram like limit including being banned from using Instagram for some time or restricted to use some features of Instagram. Luckily, sometimes users will only need to pass the robot test to continue using Instagram. 

This limitation used to have a certain number of likes in a certain time. The previous Instagram like limit per hour is 350 likes and Instagram like limit per day is 1000 likes. 

Actually, Instagram has now switched its pre-set like limit of a certain number into a limitation that changes over users and situations, such as time of usage, user credibility, the number of followers, average user activation, etc.

Instagram will give users a warning which tells the behavior that the user has done too many times and how to keep the account in good condition when they might exceed the limit and be banned or restricted. This policy of Instagram like limit is much more rational than the previous one, and in general, the more normal what users do on Instagram is, the less risk of being banned or restricted they will be faced with.

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Get More Likes Without Exceeding Instagram Like Limit [Free App]

As there’s a limit on the number of likes on Instagram, users have to pay attention to the limit to prevent their accounts from being punished. There are some methods to avoid exceeding Instagram like limit for both receiving and giving likes.

Avoid Exceeding Instagram Like Limit

Free App to Get More Likes Under Instagram Like Limit

Many users may not know that receiving too many likes on Instagram in a short time may also bring risks to their accounts. This often happens when someone uses some tools to get likes or simply buy likes from websites. If someone buys likes from discredited websites, their likes may be intensively delivered in a short time, and this can bring high risk to their accounts. As a result, getting likes rationally is also significant.

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There’s no worry about the exceeding Instagram like limit or getting bots’ likes or followers, since all the free likes and bought likes are from other real Instagram users on GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta and are delivered rationally in a relatively long time. Try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta and get plenty of real free Instagram likes without worrying about Instagram like limit.

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Instagram users should also give likes within a reasonable bound. When they are browsing photos and videos on Instagram, they usually give likes to the posts they enjoy. If they browse too fast and tap like too often, there’s a risk of exceeding the like limit. Although there’s no certain number of the like limit, if users want to keep their given like under the Instagram like limit, they had better keep their given like under about 350 every hour.

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Other Instagram Limits

Except like limit, Instagram also has other limits, like follow limit, hashtag limit, post and comment limit, and character limit. These limits should also be paid attention to.

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit

Like Instagram like limit, Instagram follow limit also restricts the number of follows in a certain time. To keep accounts in good condition, users would better not follow more than 50 accounts every five minutes. Nevertheless, there’s a difference between like limits and follow limits that no total number limit is set for likes, while users can only follow a maximum of 7500 accounts.

Instagram unfollow limit is not so strict. Only when a user unfollows 100 to 150 accounts per day, the user will be banned from unfollowing accounts temporarily, just in case of account embezzling.

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Instagram Hashtag Limit

Posts with too many hashtags, which have a very bad influence on the browsing experience, often appear when users are enjoying Instagram photos and videos. Although the hashtag limit of Instagram is 30 hashtags, yet a post with more than 20 hashtags may already be annoying. Adding suitable hashtags within a reasonable range to posts can help them attract more people while adding too many hashtags will be of no help.

Instagram Post and Comment Limit

Luckily, there is no limit on the number of posts or comments on Instagram. The limit of posts and comments lies in the content. Illegal topics and harmful content are banned on Instagram, like buying and selling alcohol, tobacco as well as live animal, threats of harm, contents of violence, encouragement of self-harm, etc.

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Character Limit on Instagram

The character limit of captions and comments is 2200 words, but they are far more than the usual number of characters in captions and comments. Captions should not be too long or too short. It’s best to make it in the ideal length of 130 to 150 characters.


Instagram set many limits to protect the community and users’ accounts. To keep accounts safe and get more likes on Instagram, it is very important to avoid exceeding Instagram like limit and other limits. GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is an app that helps you to get more likes and followers on Instagram for free under the limits. Try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta and enjoy numerous free likes and followers from real users without worrying about the limits.


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