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Instagram No Likes: How to Get Massive Likes from Real People Instantly

This article will tell you what to do if Instagram no likes, as well as Why Instagram is hiding likes and what impact it will bring.

Updated 2021-07-05 09:58:38 | by Thea

What we’re going to talk about in this article is about Instagram no likes, which contains 2 aspects. One is the literal meaning that someone's Instagram posts don't get any likes. The other one refers to a high-profile event in 2019 that Instagram will hide or remove Instagram likes. 


It is said that Instagram is now hiding likes in the US and testing the like-free feed worldwide! That is a BIG deal almost everyone is caring about. Instagram likes first disappeared in Canada last May, and then expanded to several more countries like Australia, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, and recently, the United States.

However, comparing with Instagram hiding likes, people pay more attention to why their Instagram accounts have no likes, let alone followers. Well, what do to if Instagram no likes? How to get massive real likes on Instagram instantly?

What to Do If Instagram No Likes

We come to the second part of what we’re going to talk about Instagram no likes, namely, someone's Instagram posts have fewer likes or have no likes.


There's no doubt that when people post, they want positive engagements. Get more likes, comments, and even new followers. Well, what to do if Instagram with no likes?

Tip 1. Post interesting or user-generated content

It is undoubted that people more likely to gives likes to interesting posts. If you're clear about your audience, you should do some research about them and post what they may be interested in.

Tip 2. Post consistently

Posting continuously helps you engaging your current followers and gaining more followers, as well as helps sustain a certain level of engagement while your Instagram growth continually. Otherwise, you'll lose followers let alone likes.

Tip 3. Post at high-traffic times

Sharing a post when most of your followers are on Instagram increases the chance that they’ll see it, thus increasing the chance they’ll like it.

Tip 4. Utilize Instagram growth services

When comes to utilize Instagram growth services, first thought comes to your mind might be to buy Instagram likes. Actually, it is YES, and NO. Yes, there do have many paid services in the market that allow you to quickly get Instagram likes and even followers. However, there are also free Instagram growth services, like GetinsupGettInsitaGetInsta, dedicated to helping you get Instagram likes for free instantly, as well as get free followers from real people.

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Why Instagram is Hiding Likes

Well, why Instagram is hiding or removing likes? It seems that all comes down to making Instagram a safe and healthy place to spend time online. Since people place so much expectation on getting as many likes as possible that they may feel unduly disappointed or happy about it. In that case, Instagram assumes that making Instagram like limits may good for everyone’s mental health.

De-pressurizing Instagram and make it a space that’s more focused on connections, conversations, and community, especially for young people, is what it trying to do.

It's noted that likes will not be disappearing altogether – whereas, they will just be hidden to followers, but users will still be able to view how many likes they’ve got on a post.

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What Impact It Brings

Instagram likes have long been one of the most basic criteria for Instagram influencers to demonstrate their ability to gather attention and engage audiences. With the removal of the like counts, it will undoubtedly make it harder for brands to find influencers and track their overall engagement rates. And also be harder for those who want to be Instagram influencers to gain traction with followers, especially for new influencers.

As for common individuals, hiding Instagram likes seems to have little impact on them, because the number of likes they can get is not a huge number, but it will also unconsciously reduce the number of likes they get. Since a study shows that most users lost between 3-15 percent of their likes when likes were hidden.

This points to an underlying impact a number of people have realized: with this change, Instagram will be effectively cutting into influencer spend, as well as casually reduce the number of users' likes.

That's certainly not what Instagram influencers or celebrities want. While for the common users? It's unknown. Just for some users, it is a happy thing to get others' attention and likes, which is also the fun of using this Instagram app. So, it's definitely not all users want to really remove like counts.

The Bottom Line

Your Instagram growth may not grow overnight, but with the 5 best apps to get Instagram likes, you will find out the right one that can increase your Instagram engagement. Your Instagram likes and even followers will spike quickly and safely.


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