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[One Place for Post/Manager/Insights] Instagram Professional Account

Instagram professional account has derivative functions that you can't imagine. Follow this guide to create one and manage your Instagram better.

Updated 2021-07-05 14:30:04 | by Kevin

Instagram users like you must have noticed that some Instagram accounts have detailed information like websites, categories, telephone numbers, a contact button, etc. on their homepage while some do not have. How did those accounts make it?

The answer is Instagram professional account. And you may have seen a line in the account settings of Instagram saying Switch to Professional Account but do not ever tap it because don’t know what Instagram professional account means or worry about the cost of it. Therefore, this blog aims at explaining and introducing you to the free professional account and how can you benefit from creating one.

What is Instagram Professional Account & How to Create One

Instagram professional account is an extension of an ordinary IG account and has more information to edit and utilize. This kind of account does not take money to create but has great functions like Instagram insights, Instagram promotion, etc. This kind of account is also called as Instagram business account for it provides more convenience for business on Instagram. The following illustrations would show you how to create and use it.

1. Find Settings in the Instagram app.

2. Choose Account settings.

3. Tap Switch to Instagram Professional Account.

How to Create an Instagram Professional Account – Step 3.png

You can select your Instagram professional account categories, edit contact information, and add more details to your profile, which is much easier for people to find you on Instagram.

How to Create an Instagram Professional Account – Details.png

4 Benefits of Creating an Instagram Business Account

4 benefits of getting you an Instagram business account are listed below.

Get a Free Professional Account

Instagram provides a professional account service for you. You do not have to pay for this update. Functions like Instagram insights and more comprehensive profile bios are free to get. Just upgrade your account by the steps listed above.

Learn About Your Followers

One of the most important highlights of a professional account is Instagram insight. You can check the performance of your posts and how many people have reached your homepage or profile. Learn about the country distribution, when do they visit your post, demography of your followers, etc. for better content for them and attract more followers.

Reach More People

You are eligible to use Instagram promotion by a professional account. This feature could promote your post and let more people see them. Your homepage will be visited more often and have more chances of getting new followers by Instagram promotion.

Get New Contact Options

A professional account enables you to add contact information on your homepage by a Contact button. If you run a business on Instagram, this would be practical. Email, phone numbers and address for business could be added at the same time.

Instagram professional account could upgrade your account to a new level. You do not have to download a new app or pay extra money. It’s free to get and innated in the Instagram app. Give it a try.

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The Bottom Line

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