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5 Best Instagram Collage Makers to Help You Edit Stories

Do not hesitate to try an Instagram story collage app, as it will make your IG creative. Here are top 5 Instagram collage makers, feel free to use them.

Updated 2021-07-05 09:54:07 | by Wen

Do you want to get inspiration on how to keep followers and attract new followers? If so, you need to turn your focus on the IG stories that is a feature of the app allowing users post photo and video sequences that disappear 24 hours after being posted. According to Statista, the daily active Instagram stories users are over 500 million, and it is of vital importance to manage your story well.
However, sometimes you’ll feel tired of figuring out various ways to make the stories creative. Maybe, it’s time to think about how to use Instagram collage makers to make IG stories attractive. If you are not a designer, there are 5 Instagram story collage apps you should have. 

Instagram story collage app

Title List

Why We Need an Instagram Story Photo Collage App

First of all, let's figure out why we need this kind of app.The final intend of Instagram users is to win followers and likes. You may have tried numerous ways to make your Instagram attractive and now you want to try collages. If you are tired of using hashtags to get IG likes, of various tricks to get followers, you should try collage makers, although the followers won’t be increased fast. Want the followers to increase within 24 hours? You should try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta, a platform that helps you get Instagram followers for FREE. With it, you will get real likes and real followers. No bots are allowed on the Instagram followers mod apk.
Anyway, let’s look at the 5 best Instagram story collage apps.

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Canva – Instagram Collage App with Tons of Designs

For most people, Canva is famous for plenty of designs. Indeed, it creates more than 3000 designs per minute, which is more than 130 million per month – or over 1.5 billion every year. There are many choices for you to make IG stories collages, and the best thing is that users can design as their minds. Canva maximizes their creativity, becoming the best app for Instagram story collage. It works well on iOS, Android, and website.

Instagram Collage Maker - Canva 

How to use it as an Instagram collage maker?
1. Search “photo collages” after downloading the app or you can find it in the categories. There are many templates you can choose. In addition to Instagram, Canva also provides designs for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
2. Choose a template you like, or create a new template by pressing the “+” icon. Editing according to the template is easy. All you have to do is turning the photos and words into yours. You can set a new font, add a filter, and adjust the collage size.

Multi-image Instagram Collage

3. Save and update. The last thing is how to share the collages into Instagram directly. On the one hand, you can save the photo to the gallery, then update it on your Instagram stories. On the other hand, the collage can be directly exported to Instagram.

Specific categories.
The templates are always in fashion.
Edit multiple templates at once.
Export to multiple platforms.
Can be edited for the second time after saving.
The Canva Pro has 14 days trial.

Layout - Best App for Instagram Story Collage Only

Instagram is a platform mainly for photos. It would invent some additional products, and Layout is one of them, which focus on only collages. That’s the way that Instagram official helps users to increase organic reach on IG. As a multi-image Instagram collage, it lets you create one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your photos and sharing them with friends. It can remix up to 9 photos per collage, so if you have a story to tell, try that way. What else you can do when pictures are selected? Hold and drag to swap them, pull the handles to resize, tap to mirror, flip or replace images, and pinch to zoom in or out. It is available on iOS and Android.

 Instagram Story Photo Collage App

Layout can also be used on Instagram by tapping on the collage icon.

  Best App for Instagram Story Collage

Save your layouts to your gallery and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks.
Last 30 photos you’ve selected can be seen in the Recents tab.
No signup or account required, and no clutter breaking up your flow.
Faces tap helps you quickly find photos with people.

Collage Maker - Instagram Story Collage Maker for Android

Some Instagram story photo collage apps may not as famous as Canva or Layout, but they are professional and still worth a shot. Let’s take one as an example, the Collage Maker – Photo Editor & Photo Collage. Having 50+ million installs, it doesn’t take any money and lhas a perfect functions. Users can create photo collages with hundreds of layouts, editing the photo size, border, and background. Or, you can design layouts on your own by tapping on the Freestyle. Filters, stickers, and text are all at your service. It also has a special function only for stories, providing hundreds of best-designed templates. However, this app is only compatible with Android.

 Instagram Story Collage Maker

Combine up to 18 photos to create pic collage.
Have a 7-day trial for the Pro version.
Make photo collage with Freestyle or Grid style.
Save photo in high resolution and share pictures to social apps.
100+stylized templates for stories.

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Like Canva, Befunky is available on Android, iOS, website. BeFunky Photo Editor comes stocked with an amazing collage maker. No need to register, no ads, no watermarks, no limitation, and no forcing to share, it is friendly to use. If you are making money on Instagram, the needed thing is using collages to show how different before and after by using your products. You can create a collage with up to 9 photos, beautiful backgrounds, texts, well-designed templates, and stickers.

FotoJet - Instagram Collage Online

FotoJet is a convenient website that is made for photos. The collage maker of it also has 800 plus collage grids to use for free, such as love collages, birthday collages, family collages, etc. Sharing collages is an artistic way to share your photos. FotoJet helps you make the collages online quickly and easily. Except for making collages, you can edit photos and design pictures as easy as ABC.

Bottom Line

Collage will enrich the content of posts that you can tell a story in one picture, which, in a sense, will improve the engagement of Instagram because everyone loves stories. Now, you have known 5 Instagram collage makers. No matter which one you want to use, it will make your IG creative.

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