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[#independenceday] Instagram Trending Hashtags Feature Your Post

Making good use of Instagram trending hashtags is the most effective method by far to feature your post. Following tips below and let’s shine today!

Updated 2021-07-05 15:20:40 | by Kelly

With more than 500 million people using the platform daily, Instagram is now on the list of top social media besides those great names we have been heard over and over. As its influence spreading wider, those who want to be popular online or promote their own commercial brand is aware that they found a gold mine.

Indeed, Instagram gives no-name people a chance and countless guys earn that. But It also takes proper strategies. For now, the best among them is to make good use of Instagram hashtags to trend your post on. Today, we are going to show you how to build up a featured post on Instagram by using Instagram trending hashtags in the right ways.

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What are Instagram Trending Hashtags and How Does It Work

The hashtag has been with us for over a decade: it was invented and firstly used on Twitter in 2007 and instantly spreading as unknown influenza. Only by typing a “#” ahead of topics, you can generalize your post into them(comparatively an old definition, actually nowadays young people use tags for whatever they like, even it has no literal connections with the original post). Using Instagram search engine as an example:

What are Instagram Trending Hashtags and How Does It Work

Input “supercup” into the search box to check results and we have a "#supercup"  page that composed of two parts: “Top post” and “Most recent”. “Top post” demonstrates those posts with the most comments and likes and it refreshes regularly(unfortunately we do not have any knowledge about the algorithm), while “Most recent,” tells things clear enough: those latest posts would linger on it for a short while. That is to say, each post with “supercup” hashtags is certainly demonstrated, yet how long it would be takes strategy. By checking those accounts on both parts we could easily draw a conclusion that it is likes plus comments that makes difference and directly decides the chance your post taken to be viewed.

However, for those personal accounts or new-settle brands with a small scale of followers, is the way to be popular blocked? Definitely not! 

How to Makes Your Post Attractive by Using Instagram Trending Hashtags

Based on past experience, most Instagramers are confused about the few possibilities of being popular due to the platform’s opaque algorithm. Nevertheless, there are still solutions through practices. By optimizing your Instagram trending hashtags and use Instagram hashtags for likes well enough you still stand a good chance of getting to the top position.

Create Good Content

A twice-told but permanent story: good content is always the most essential factor. No exception but humor, aesthetics and quality can content be defined as “good” and grasp the viewer’s eyes. Take one of the most popular Instagram trending hashtags “landscapephotograph” as an example, Just look at how marvelous they are, viewers could feel the emotion even they had no idea about the photograph. Thus, it is not surprising that they are selected as top posts, ignoring how many comments or likes they have. To get your post on top, the first and most significant factor is to produce high-quality content. 

One Popular Instagram Trending Hashtag Example

Use Relevant Trending Hashtags

There is a number beneath the hashtags when you enter into the page, which shows how many posts on Instagram using the hashtag. Also, it visualizes hashtags’ temperature in some degrees: the more posts the hashtags are used, the more popular it would be. By adding on one relevant trending hashtag to improve visibility in relevant search results, and to easily attract the right viewers who share the same interests with you and increase your engagement rate. A high-rate engagement would long-last your post temperature and it helps you to acquire long-term followers.

Create Your Own Featured Instagram Hashtags 

By creating rare or making up nonexistent words to feature your post is one excellent strategy to be shining on the top posts. For instance, using your new-established brand name as one hashtag and get as many viewers as possible so that your brand gains recognition. This can not only drive brand awareness but also helps you build a strong and loyal community. Besides, trying to figure out one hashtag which few people used before but full of intense creativity several times to grow it up. 

Look at this example, the blogger uses as many words as he can, even though some of them have no literal connection with the original post. However, he is now at the top of an uncommon hashtag “keepsupporting” with only 10 comments. Things tell us that less competitive words also have high potential. 

Create your own featured Instagram hashtags

Create a Call-to-action (CTA) Caption

Both likes and comments matter when Instagram decides whom to post on. But in any case, for users, generating a ton of comments on your posts is working when you want to feature your trending Instagram hashtags. Inspiring your followers to engage with your post in the comments section could also be a factor when Instagram takes into consideration to the top posts for a hashtag by asking questions and igniting their thinking passion. 

You Are in Great Need of a Helper After Optimizing Your Instagram Trending Hashtags

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You Are in Great Need of a Helper After Optimizing Your Instagram Trending Hashtags

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Even though hashtags have been implemented all across social media since 2007, the biggest impact they actually have is on Instagram. Make good use of it by optimizing your Instagram trending hashtags right now, and create your chances to be an online celebrity.


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