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Top 5 Efficient Instagram Tricks to Get Followers for Free

Learn some Instagram tricks to get followers. To start easily, check out our top 5 efficient free tricks to get followers on Instagram.

Updated 2021-07-05 13:12:50 | by Admin

Over these years, Instagram becomes one mainstream, and it develops quickly to gain benefits for many brands, companies, and individuals. Whether you want to be a famous brand or maybe you just want to be a big Instagram influencer, the most important action is to attract a large number of followers.

However, it totally isn't as easy as before to get more followers on Instagram. The updated Instagram algorithm and many creative brands are obstacles. Thankfully, we have tested 5 efficient Instagram tricks to get followers to help you achieve this.

Instagram Tricks to Get Followers

1. Deciding Your Instagram Theme - the Most Basic and Important Tricks for You

Before editing your Instagram content, deciding your Instagram theme is the most basic and important tricks to get followers on Instagram. The Instagram theme should reflect what is meaningful to your business and keep consistent with your goals. What kind of business do you want to market? Is it a kind of product, or is t a kind of service? 

Keeping these in your mind, and asking these questions above to yourself, then thinking about what is the emphasis on your Instagram feed. The Instagram theme creating should begin with these.  

For the purpose of deciding the Instagram theme, there are some tricks for you.

1. Take a look at those you have posted in your feed

2. Classify them into several parts (nature, travel, food, people, etc.)

3. Calculate the engagements (comments and likes) of each category to know which category the followers like most.

Also, you can have a look at what posts your followers always like engaging with, and what posts have worked well for you. Taking jiffpom (a pet blogger) as an example, their followers like posting and tagging some pictures related to dogs, especially if that is the same breed. By contrast, they don't like posting other posts, like fashion, make-up, etc. Tricks to Get Followers on Instagram

Jiffpom knows some tricks to attract Instagram followers, especially the importance of deciding the Instagram theme. Just take a look at all of its Instagram feed, 99.99% of its posts are about its theme - pet dogs. 

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2. Giving High-Quality Content Like Storytelling to Attract Followers

Now, many bloggers always ignore Instagram content or don't think it deeply. They just posted some pictures or if they wrote a caption, they only state superficially. Instead of repeating the obvious information that can be seen from the pictures, try to give your audience a story. Writing your story by using where, when, what, who, what, why, and how, and connecting your context by these - to provide the audience with the extra information they can't see from the picture.

There are some tricks on how to make storytelling.

1. Trying to reflect on what, where, when, who, how in your content.

2. Posting clear, bright shots on Instagram to let the audience see clearly.

3. Including some small details to give a story more elements in your content.

4. Having emotions in your picture, and having different tones in your sentences, those will be more touching. ( the people's expression is one good example)

5. The variety of shots to give the audience different visual experience (choosing filters, color adjusting, brightness, etc.)


Giving a background story is one of the secret tricks to get Instagram followers. Adding a timeline in your story is one trick to make your audience feel like they are one part of the story. 

Airbnb is one typical storyteller who pays more attention to the storytelling trick on Instagram. It always writes some captions by telling their stories and gives new information to the audience.

 Secret Tricks to Get Instagram Followers

Except for writing the caption by storytelling, another point is how to make pictures be full of stories to attract followers? It is always saying 1000 words are not as good as a picture. Nowadays, A well-designed image can attract people by bringing out a story, which is more powerful and memorable in the audience's mind. 

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3. Posting Content at the Right Time - the Easiest Trick to Gain Followers

Posting content at the right time is the easiest trick to gain followers on Instagram. Instagram algorithm likes these posts that produce a large number of engagements in a short time. If you're able to give posts on Instagram when Instagram users are most active, it is possible to gain a large number of comments and likes on Instagram in a short period after posting. Instagram will give these posts more visibility, which will help you get more Instagram followers. 

So, how to figure out the best time period to post on Instagram?

The optimal trick to figure out an ideal posting time is to test the post time and see which period of time produces lots of user engagements. There are two tools to solve this problem.

One is Instagram Insight, which is an analytic tool on Instagram for business accounts. It can provide the follower's locations, gender, age and the most essential is when Instagram users are most active. This information can make it convenient to compare content and the performance of your posts.

 Tricks to Attract Instagram Followers

Another is Sprout Social, which is a social media management tool, can meet your needs. It can analyze the data to know the Thursday can get most user engagements. They also analyze data through different networks and industries.

 Easy Tricks to Gain Followers on Instagram

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4. Engaging with Others Frequently - to Get Real Instagram Followers

It is no doubt that increasing a great Instagram engagement rate is one of the tricks to get real followers on Instagram. It can not only cover more Instagram users but also can show how much you value them. Unfortunately, interacting with users to increase engagement rates takes lots of effort.

But don't be depressed! You can adopt some practical tricks to engage with others to grow your reach and get active followers.

Responding to comments and questions as soon as possible is one efficient trick to get followers. With more and more people reply to you, Instagram will regard your posts as a valuable one and push your posts to the top. If your responses leave a deep impression on new audiences, they will click the "follow button". 

Except for replying to comments and questions, engage with the influencers on Instagram is also an essential trick to help you get real followers. Influencers have big authorities in some specific fields, and they have thousands of loyal followers. You can engage with them including their followers to attract new real followers.

Interacting with the right influencers can show yourself in front of the target audience. But, how to find the right influencers? You can:

1. To find the relevant accounts, click the "Search" icon on the bottom of the screen, search for keywords (keywords should be specific enough) by selecting "People". 

 Tricks to Get Real Followers on Instagram

2. Search related hashtags by selecting "Tags" to discover relevant accounts and posts. 


3. Engage with your competitor's followers, just go to their profile to check out their followers or the people who give comments and likes.


5. Using Tool to Get Free Instagram Followers - [the Fast Way]

Attracting lots of followers takes time and effort. Using tools is one of the tricks to get Instagram followers fast. They can save your time and energy and help you get free Instagram followers instantly

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 3. Use these virtual coins to get followers and likes.


The Bottom Line

Promoting an Instagram account is like a challenge, but if you follow all these secret tricks to get followers on Instagram, you will get a great number of active Instagram followers. Remember Instagram is a visual platform, and your posts should attract audiences and meet their needs. Try out these tricks to see how many followers you will get! 

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