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Instagram vs Pinterest 2021 - Boost Your Profit & Followers Better

Who will stand out from the competition between Instagram vs Pinterest? The article lists the detailed comparison so that you can boost your followers & likes & business on Ins & Pin.

Updated 2021-07-07 09:45:14 | by Joy

Visual social platforms like Instagram vs Pinterest are very popular with brands and consumers. However, when it comes to which platform can help you boost your followers and profit most effectively, maybe you are confused. Now, the article will share with you the detailed comparison between Instagram and Pinterest so that you can grow your followers & business on social media in 2021 better.

 Instagram vs Pinterest Comparisons

The Similarities between Instagram vs Pinterest

In principle, they have the same concept that registered users can upload images as well as view, share and comment on others’ posts. These interactions can help you build a broad coverage. To organically get followers on Instagram or Pinterest, you need to have beautiful, high-quality, and meaningful images. Besides, both Instagram vs Pinterest provides a large number of influencers, including celebrities, sports personalities, and bloggers whose opinions can greatly influence others. 

7 Differences between Instagram vs Pinterest

Although both of these platforms are very similar, they do work in completely different ways. In the following article, we'll analyze how these two visual social networks differ from each other. 

1. Compare the Purpose of Platforms

Pinterest's main goal is discovery and distribution, while the main purpose of Instagram is to share and promote.

Images are the main type of content for these two visual social platforms. On Pinterest, users also want more value, such as in the form of recipe photos, or DIY guides for home decorating ideas. Meanwhile, Instagram is more focused on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the brands’ feeds than on personal image.

2. Compare the Reasons Why Users Follow an Account on the Two Platforms

The reasons why people follow accounts on Instagram or Pinterest are totally different. These reasons will also affect how users interact with the posts on the two platforms. 

On Pinterest, followers usually look for feeds for inspiration and topics that interest them, so they will typically search for specific keywords to find that content and follow the specific accounts that publish that type of post. 

However, Instagram audiences usually follow the accounts whose feed they like. They find these people by using hashtags and keywords and looking at the accounts shared by their peers.

3. Hashtags on Instagram vs Pinterest are Different

From a business perspective, using hashtags on Instagram makes it easy to build a stronger connection with your target audience and get them to your content at the right time so you can gain free Instagram followers. The industry-specific tags, location-based tags, or permeate community-based tags are all allowed on Instagram. In short, the options are endless.

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Hashtags are also supported on Pinterest, but they're not as useful as on Instagram. One reason for using hashtags is to help the audience find relevant content, like a filing system. However, Pinterest displays Pins in search results that have already been well-labeled. This means that tags don't work when people search for content.

4. Comparison of Links

Pinterest might be a better choice if your goal is to generate traffic as Pinterest prioritizes link sharing and you can easily share links to your site. Instagram does not allow you to share links in posts unless you have a paid advertising campaign. Although you can add links to your Instagram bio, you can’t add them to specific posts. 

If you have more than 10,000 followers on your Instagram account, you can share links to Instagram stories through its "swipe up" feature. Apart from paid advertising, this is the only way to share a link in an Instagram post. 

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5. Target Audience Comparison

Before you make any decisions, it's important to know your audience and their preferred platforms. Now we are going to share with you a few users’ stats on these two platforms.

• Active users: More than a billion people use Instagram every month, while only 25 million use Pinterest every month. With approximately 4 times as many Instagram potential users per month as Pinterest, so it gives Instagram an edge in this category.

• Age distribution: Both Instagram vs Pinterest have relatively young audiences, with most users aged between 18 and 35 years old, but Pinterest does have a bigger share of those over 55 years old.

• Gender: Pinterest has an 81% female user base, while Instagram has a lower percentage, with only 68 percent of female users. Keep in mind that this is 68 percent of the 1 billion active users, compared to Pinterest's 250 million active users.

6. Compare the Use of the Device: Desktop vs. Mobile

Instagram is mostly used on mobile devices. You can view images via its website on a desktop, but it is very complicated to post to Instagram from PC. Therefore, if you want to use Instagram for marketing and branding, your focus should be on mobile devices. Keep in mind that mobile is one of the biggest reasons why so many people turn to Instagram every day.

On Pinterest, you can browse and post images either through its app on your phone or a browser on your desktop. Both methods can be used normally. If your target audience is primarily using social media on desktops, Pinterest might be a better choice. Note that it might not be a big factor as the use of smartphones is so common in most age groups. It all depends on your target audiences.

7. Photo Editing Capability

Instagram's mobile app enables users to directly edit photos on the platform, which makes your image editing process faster and easier. You can apply filters and adjust other elements of the image, including brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, sharpness, shadows, highlights, and much more. 

There is no photo editing capability in Pinterest’s mobile app or desktop site. It means that you must use another application or software to edit your images before uploading them to Pinterest.


Knowing the differences between Instagram vs Pinterest will help you choose the platform that best suits your audience. If your goal is to bring more traffic to your site, Pinterest will be better for you. If you want to raise awareness and build a good brand image, Instagram will be the recommended option. Wish you can grow your business on social media in an ideal way.

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