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Everything You Should Know about Instagram Wikis & Growing Tricks for Beginners and Pros

Want to know exactly about Instagram? Read this most complete Instagram wiki post to know its definitions, features, using tips, and more.

Updated 2021-07-06 10:35:56 | by Thea

Instagram changed quite a bit since it came into the world that greatly enriches people’s life. As one of the most popular social media, media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more, Instagram has accumulated users of all ages, including teens, Millennials, adults and even elderly. According to the statistics, currently, there are more than 1 billion active monthly Instagram users. It is the largest-growing social-media platform, which just took one month to get 1 million users when it launched in 2010 on the iPhone, while Twitter spent 2 years. Well, how many Instagram users now? Currently, it has over 600 million active users and is still increasing quickly.

You see Instagram is such a popular social media has billions of users, and there are more and more new users every day. Whether you're a new user or an old user, you probably don't know all that much about Instagram. So, we write this article to help you get a complete understanding of Instagram. What it is, how it came from, how to use Instagram, and more topics you might care about, like how to get followers and likes on Instagram, how to become an Instagram influencer, etc.

Title List

Part 1. What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media app available on a mobile phone (including iOS, Android and Windows phones), which offers a quick, wonderful and interesting way to share the pictures or videos you take at any time. Those who know nothing about Instagram might ask “Is Instagram free?” The answer is YES. It is a totally free app for everyone. By creating an account with an email address and setting a username, then you become an Instagram user.

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Part 2. How Instagram Came from?

Instagram was developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Kevin Systrom was an Intern at Odeo (which later became Twitter) and also worked at Quora. According to Kevin Systrom, the app itself took only eight weeks. As a matter of fact, Instagram is a prototype app of an idea he originally called Burbn, but many functions result in losing focus, finally, they decided to focus solely on communication through the image, namely uploading photos, commenting and liking. Nowadays, it expanded to include videos.

Instagram launched on 6th October 2010 as an iPhone app, it soon became the number one photography app gathering 100,000 users in one week, and increasing to 1 million in two months. There is no doubt that its growth was nearly instantaneous. It went on to be bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012.

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Part 3. Main Functions

Traditional function

Instagram offers a smooth flow of photo instant sharing: filter effects (dozens of photo effects), size adjustment, editing brightness, contrast, structure, etc., write a caption, adding locations, and sharing (to mainstream social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, and more). At the same time, Instagram has established a micro-community based on these photos, where you can interact with other users by following others, commenting and liking others’ posts. Besides posting photos, users are allowed to post videos they take before or directly shoot a video and share it to Instagram instantly.

Video function

When it comes to the video function of Instagram, we do not mean the function of posting a video but aims to talk about features like Instagram Story, Instagram Live and IGTV. Instagram story is a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post related images and video content in a slideshow format. Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram stories that allows users to stream video to followers and engage with them in real-time. Then comes to IGTV, which is Instagram’s way of disrupting the traditional TV experience and updating it for a modern mobile experience.

We’ve mentioned before that Facebook became the parent company of Instagram since 2012, but Instagram has its developing strategy. As for Instagram live, it is not the same with Facebook Live, when Instagram broadcasts live, the video content is deleted as soon as it ends. From this point of view, it is more similar to Snapchat.

Part 4. How to Use Instagram?

4.1 Instagram Sign Up and Instagram Login

You can create an Instagram on its official site or download the app on your mobile phone and then sign up. Here are the steps:

Step 1: If you want to sign up online, then go to or open Instagram on your phone. You can sign up with your Facebook account or create a separate Instagram account. Fill the required info and click on Sing up.


Note: For mobile users, you can download Instagram from Apple Store or Google Play and then registers on your phone.

Step 2: Log in with your account.


4.2 Set up the notification

When you first log in with your account, it will remind you to set the notifications so that you can receive the information you want for the first time. You don’t want to miss an Instagram post from your favorite influencers or the celebrities you follow on Instagram such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and so on. And notifications like new likes and comments, new video updates, direct messages or video chats, and more notification types you’ll need when you enjoying using this app.

However, Depending on your personal needs, you may not need all types of notifications. You can turn on the ones you care about and off the ones you don't want. Just go to “Settings”, then “Notifications”, set up the notifications based on your needs.


You can even turn on post notifications for specific people, but you have to go to the profile of which you’ve followed. If you want to discontinue receiving post notifications from ones you have post notifications turned on, you also need to visit their profile and turn off it manually.

4.3 Edit Your Profile

Like other social media platforms, you can edit your profile such as a profile photo, name, username, website, phone number, etc. An attractive and appealing profile photo and a distinctive bio say that, while seemingly insignificant, can help you attract more attention and gain followers. Especially the Instagram Bio, the section under your username, where you can edit designated information about yourself and/or your brand. Using some bio hacks such as adding special fonts to your bio can make your profile stands out easily.


4.4 Connect to Your Social Media

You know today’s society is an era of interlaced information, so most platforms can easily share content, and Instagram is no exception. When you want to post something interesting on Instagram, you may also want to share it on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networks like Tumblr, Ameba, VKontakte or more. Based on this point, Instagram provides you a convenient way to connect your Instagram account to other social accounts. After that, as long as you turn on other account sharing like Facebook sharing, the photos and videos you post to your feed or add to your story on Instagram will be automatically shared to Facebook anytime. That’s so great, exactly.


4.5 How to post

Now comes to the most-used part which you may care about most as well – how to post on Instagram. As we mentioned before Instagram is a visual platform that enables you to share photos or videos instantly, so when you post an image or a video, it gives lots of choices to add effects before posting. Next, let’s see how to post on Instagram step by step.

Step 1: On your phone screen, click the “+” icon on the bottom.


Step 2: At the bottom of your phone screen, you can see three options enable you to select photos or videos from your phone library, or take a new photo or record a new video from within Instagram. Everything is up to you. Here we take selecting a photo from the library for example. Choose a picture and click “Next”.


Step 3: Here you can edit your image by clicking on “Filter” and “Edit”. Filters show first, you can swipe to select and preview the filter effect and apply it to your photo finally. If you don’t want any filter effect, then just keep normal.


Step 4: After setting done the filter effect, you can directly proceed to the next process or taping on “Edit” to make more adjustments. Here you can adjust contrast, brightness, structure, warmth, color, shadows, and more. When you’re satisfied with your edited image, click “Next”.


Step 5: When coming to this step, you can write a caption, tag people, add location and decide whether you’d like to share it on connected social accounts. When settings are done, click “Share” and your image will be posted to your Instagram account immediately.


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4.6 How to Like and Follow

After talking about how to post an image or a video on Instagram, now we move to talk about how to like a post and how to follow some on Instagram. It’s easy as ABC.

  • How to Like a Post

Two ways can enable you to give a like to people’s photos or videos. When you want to like other’s posts, you can click the heart icon on the left bottom of the image. Or, you can double click the image or video itself, a white heart icon will pop up in the middle of the post and you’ll see the left bottom heart icon become red at the same time. That’s it.


  • How to Follow Somebody

If you want to follow someone on Instagram, you can tap its username and access to the profile. Then find and tap the “Follow” icon. On your own profile, by click “Following” you can see the list of users you followed on Instagram. Also, you can see how many people are following you by clicking “Followers”.


Part 5. Why People want to Promote Instagram

Nowadays, more and more people or some small businesses want to get as much as Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Why they spare effort to get followers on Instagram? Here are some main reasons.

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5.1 Unparalleled Scope and Reach

We've mentioned that Instagram is such a popular social platform with billions of active monthly users. It is woven into our daily life in a way that is utterly convenient and accessible. It can bring influence and expands reach rapidly in a short time. Data shows that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day, and 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. Therefore, small businesses or individuals who want to get more influences would choose Instagram to make a try. In one day, maybe you can make money with your Instagram account as well. 

5.2 Adverting Opportunities

To be honest, the amount of Instagram followers matters. Advertising opportunities always get easier for these Instagram influencers who have a huge number of followers. And, they’re easier to get more competitive profit.

5.3 Striking a Chord with Instagram Followers

Instagram is a good way to connect with consumers on a meaningful level than with compelling content marketing. Namely, it can be a good method of branded storytelling and gathering loyal users.

It has been proven that this medium holds the power to strike deep emotional chords and communicate complex ideas in an instant. Brands can aim to inspire, entertain, move, arouse, etc. On top of all that, it indeed helps to expand a brand's influence quickly and boost sales.

Part 6. Instagram Growth Methods

Precisely because Instagram has such a large user base, and as a new way to promote social media, individuals and businesses spare no effort to promote the influence of their Instagram accounts. Well, how to gain Instagram followers and likes? How to quickly get free Instagram followers? Here are some useful tips for beginners and advanced users to grow Instagram followers instantly without verification.

6.1 For beginners

  • Post interesting, colorful photos and videos

  • Post often to keep followers interested

  • Don't overdo it with the filter effects

  • Interact with others

  • Post stories

6.2 For advanced users

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about Instagram facts that you should know, we’ve talked about what is Instagram, how does Instagram work, how to use Instagram, reasons to promote Instagram, as well as some tips for getting Instagram followers and likes. Now, you’re on your way to become an Instagram pro.


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