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How to Increase Organic Reach on Instagram 2020: 8 Easy & Useful Ways

Trying to increase organic reach on Instagram? Read this page for 8 easy and fast ways to increase the organic reach on Instagram in 2020.

Updated 2021-09-16 15:15:46 | by Kevin

Organic reach on Instagram plays a vital role in the management of an account. The meaning of organic reach is the number of people who see your posts without paid distribution, which is very important for your posts’ exposure and chances of getting more followers and likes. This blog would show you 8 easy and useful ways to increase organic reach on Instagram. Prior to we talk about detailed ways to increase organic reach on Instagram, one thing needs to be clarified, that is, how can increasing organic reach on Instagram help you manage an account.

Increase Organic Reach on Instagram.png

Why You Need to Increase Organic Reach on Instagram?

As mentioned before, the organic reach means the number of people who see your posts organically. Increase organic reach on Instagram could bring you these benefits:

1. Your posts have more chances of being seen by Instagram users you’ve never reach before.

2. Your followers and likes of posts would increase as the number of organic reach rises.

3. Occasions that some of your followers cannot see your post would decrease.

Organic reach is an important factor in running an Instagram account, and users all should pay heed to this number and strive to improve it. Organic reach on Instagram would change according to the variation of the Instagram algorithm. Your content should always follow the trend of Instagram algorithm and then organic reach to your account or posts would increase. And the following part is about ways to increase organic reach on Instagram in accordance with its algorithm.

8 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Instagram

All the ways listed below are free and easy to manipulate. You can try some of them or all of them for your Instagram account. These ways all aim at improving your connectivity with followers and potential followers. Your performance of organic reach on Instagram would increase soon after you adopting these methods.

1. Create Specialized Content for Followers

Specialized content on Instagram needs you to study your followers. What kind of content do they prefer to see and leave a comment or press the heart button? What time do they prefer to view your posts? When do your followers perform actively and less actively? Your content needs to answer all the questions above to please your targeted Instagram followers. Then you’ll get a group of loyal followers and help you attract more new Instagram followers.

2. Use Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the best tool for learning your account’s performance. Just upgrade your account to the Instagram professional account and view your posts’ insights for a better arrangement of your content. You could view how many people have reached to your account, how many followers or likes you get in a specific time, what is the best time to post on Instagram, etc. All these statistics are valuable for your improvement of organic reach on Instagram. You can switch to the professional account for free.

Increase Organic Reach on Instagram - Way 2.png

3. Try Interactive Content

Instagram story and live are two things that you definitely should utilize. Both are excellent ways to interact with followers and get their feedback. Story and live would appear at the top of the Instagram interface where can attract Instagram users most easily. Instagram story polls, questions, and quizzes are also worthwhile to try. 

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4. Post Actively & Consistently

Instagram prefers users who post actively and consistently. In return, your original content would have more chances of exposing it to more users. But you’d better control the frequency of posts because Instagram would punish users who post too often. Your content needs to be original too. Copied posts should be your worst choice.

5. Tag People and Location

You can tag people who appeared in your posts and stories or let other people tag your account.  You will have more opportunities to be found by other Instagram users and get more views. Add location to your post would help you to be found by Instagram users around you. Instagram users would show interest to posts around them due to familiarity.

Increase Organic Reach on Instagram - Way 5.png

6. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Appropriate hashtags for your post could be added to the caption to let more people see your post and organic reach will grow naturally. You can find the best hashtags for likes in other people’s posts or get involved in hashtag events.

7. Share Your Instagram Post

Share your Instagram post to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let people on other platforms see your posts and then view your homepage for organic reach.

8. Engagement with Followers

Engagement with followers would increase organic reach on Instagram. Your reply to their comments or become their followers could help your account become more popular and attract more people to view your posts. So, increase engagement on Instagram is significant for growing organic reach.

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