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How to Run Contest on Instagram to Grow Your Followers Instantly

Run contest on Instagram has magic for Instagram users to boost free followers. This article is going to show you why and how to make it.

Updated 2021-07-07 10:14:40 | by Thea

Today, “run a contest on Instagram” has been a hot topic for Instagram users. People take part in contests and burn their enthusiasm to increase traffic, get exposure, and boost more follows. How to run a contest on Instagram? This article will unveil it in detail for you.

Run Contests on Instagram.png

Why "Run Contest on Instagram" Matters  

It’s said that Instagram accounts that hold contests can achieve 70% faster follower growth compared to those that don’t hold contests. Why could Instagram contests have such magical power? It can be explained from the perspectives of the followers and Instagram users who plan to run contests on Instagram.

  • To followers

Do you like free swag when you go shopping? That’s what happens about Instagram followers. When they join in a contest, the giveaway attracts them and gives them a platform to show themselves. In this competition, their winning will be prized, which serves both their desire to be seen and desire to the free swag.

When showing their love and understandings of the brand with skills, the followers will be satisfied with doing such a great job. People always love themselves and now their behaviors are prized. In a way, they feel proud to be a part of the brand lovers and to be special.

Followers Boost When Running Contests on Instagram.png

According to different kinds of contests, followers can act differently. In a tap-a-friend contest, they would call a friend and the friend is likely to be the next follower. In a Repost contest, they would let more people have the chance to see the post and start to learn about it.

  • To Instagram users (who plan to run a contest on Instagram)

The magical power of contests to those Instagram users who plan to run Instagram contests comes with many benefits.

Benefit 1, their followers will be boosted in a short time during the contest. As followers tap more people to gain the prize, more people will be attracted to the brand.

Benefit 2, their followers would be motivated and feel a greater affinity toward the brand. As the followers are encouraged to show their love and understandings of the brand, they will be proud of being a part of brand lovers.

Benefit 3, the popularity of contests can be a measurement of Instagram account. The number of participants and the effect of the contests can give hints of the operation status of the account, which can help Instagram bloggers to improve their strategies.

Benefit 4, the more popular, the more chances to get sponsored.

Forms of Contests on Instagram

There are lots of forms of contests on Instagram. Here is a list.

1. Like to win

Like to win contest asks followers to like a photo that your brand has posted. Winners are then randomly picked from the followers who have like the photo once the contest is over.

2. Comment to win

Comment to win asks followers to leave a comment on a specific post. Winners are chosen either at random from the group of commenters or you might choose the best comment.

3. Tap a friend contest

Tap a friend contest asks followers to tap one of their friends on Instagram. Winners are picked randomly.

4. Photo contest

Photo contest asks followers to post a photo according to specific standards. How to run a photo contest on Instagram? You need to prepare hashtags that participants can use, how many people or items can be included in the photo, what theme the photo should be in, etc. To determine the winner, you can let your followers vote for the best ones or you can choose them by yourself.

Instagram Photo Contest.png

5. Repost contest

Repost contest requires participants to repost the contest photo with a hashtag and tag the brand running the contest. Winners are then randomly picked.

6. Scavenger hunt contest

Scavenger hunt contest is a different one from other online contests. Because it needs the participants to walk outside to find specific items, it is often a hard one to accomplish. But there is an alternative way that with Google Street View the participants can finish the contest when staying at home.

To run a scavenger hunt contest, you need to walk out and hide the items and lead your followers to find them out. By the way, don’t forget to add the location on your post. The winners would be the first to find all the things out.

7. Hashtag contest

A hashtag helps to promote the brand but it can be hard to find the perfect one. This contest helps you collect the best hashtags from your followers. The creative activity may also give you some surprise.

How to make it? You need to offer a picture or a video, then publish the contest of collecting a well-themed hashtag, and give prizes to the best ones.

8. Experience sharing contest

Experience sharing contest asks followers to share their experience in studying, journey or using some items. In this kind of contest, what the Instagram blogger can do is to define fans’ experience in a certain circle, the form of expression of the work (e.g. if photos or videos OK), and the criteria of choosing the winner.

Other types of contest

There are still lots of other types of Instagram contests, such as some user-generated contests. The key to these is always holding the purpose of your Instagram contest and making sure it is easy to follow. 

How to Run Contest on Instagram

As mentioned, there are multiple forms contests on Instagram, well, how to run a contest on Instagram?

Step 1. Make adequate preparation before starting.

Think about the following points:

  • 1. Always obeying local laws and the rules of Instagram. All actions must be legal, and as you are on the platform of Instagram, all actions must be within the rules of Instagram at the same time.

  • 2.Remember to add one sentence in your contest “in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.” You can find this release on the Instagram official page.

  • 3. A group of followers who can follow your Instagram contests. And those people can help promote your brand.

  • 4. The purpose of running a contest on Instagram. The purpose will help you design the contest. What would you do if you want to promote your brand or if you want to strengthen the affinity of old fans? Something like that.

  • 5. What do followers do during the contest. Followers need a detailed guideline to know how to join the contest. And the guideline will be your standard to decide the winner.

  • 6. The prize or giveaway for the winners. The price of the prize should not be too high or too low. If the price is high, more unrelated people would disrupt the game. If the price is low, followers would not be so pleased to take the contest.

Step 2. Plan your Instagram contest objective.

Make sure you define the overall goals of your Instagram contest so that you know how to determine whether or not it was successful in the end.

Are you expect to engage your audience more in your content? Or build a library of UGC to share on social media? Are you ultimately aiming to generate a larger following? No matter what your main goal is, make everything you do makes sense for the goal.

Step 3. Define a clear theme.

You are suggested to pick a theme that aligns with your market, product, or services. Taking advantage of holidays, seasons, and events that align with your product or brand is also worth taking into consideration.

Step 4. Choose your entry method and make the rules.

You should establish and emphasize what it takes for your audience to actually enter the contest, literately, the participation rules.

  • Following are some suggestions for how your audience might enter your contest:

  • Have your audience post to Instagram, with a specific hashtag and a specific theme, which your contest required.

  • Have your audience like one of your posts that they are really interested in and follow you on Instagram.

  • Have your audience tag your brand in their posts.

  • Have your audience comment on one of your posts.

  • and so on.

Step 5. Select a prize and tell how the prizes are distributed.

A cash prize or an iPad or iPhone, or other forms of the prize that could apply to anyone. Tell your audience how the prizes will be delivered to their hands after the contest.

Step 6. Launch your Instagram contest.

You’re ready to go! Launch your Instagram contest, wait for the entries to roll in and announce your winner!

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The Bottom Line

Running contests on Instagram is a good way to increase the number of followers and promote your brand. Follow the suggestions above, you will find a different world. By the way, if you click the below box and input your Instagram username, you will get free Instagram followers at once.


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