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How to Get Targeted Instagram Followers for Free by 5 Useful & Effective Methods

Bothering by how to get targeted Instagram followers effectively? Don't worry. This page will show you five practical ways to get targeted Instagram followers.

Updated 2021-07-05 11:12:27 | by Thea

Instagram has already become one of the main social media platforms in the world. It even becomes an integral part of people’s daily life. Many people using Instagram always wonder how to get targeted Instagram followers through some effective and efficient ways. Nonetheless, many people focus on methods solely and forget one thing, that is, what is targeted Instagram follower? This article is going to answer this question and introduce you to 5 tricks about how to get more targeted followers on Instagram.

What is Targeted Instagram Follower? 

Prior to we talk about how to get targeted Instagram followers, one thing needs to be clarified, that is, your targeted Instagram follower. Targeted Instagram followers should be a group of people who you tend to attract and let them follow you continuously. They could become your most active followers and share your account with other people. Therefore, it is significant to find targeted Instagram followers. Next is how you can accomplish that:

How to Identify Targeted Followers on Instagram

If you want to find your targeted Instagram followers correctly, these two questions need to be answered: what kind of Instagram users do you want to attract and what kind of content do you intend to produce? The answer to these two questions must be clear so that you can be clear about which direction you are heading to. Here are three factors that you should consider for identifying them:

How to Get Targeted Instagram Followers.png

1. Portray targeted followers that you want.

You can achieve that by asking yourself these two questions: What are your followers’ needs? Or What do they prefer to see when using Instagram? Like they may want to see pictures and descriptions about sports, entertainment or architecture, etc. Therefore, you need to analyze that and seek for an accurate answer.

2. What do you intend to achieve by operating an Instagram account?

Or we can say: what is your intention?  Do you want more free followers and likes for your brand? Or you need more followers to talk about your topic and improve your account’s fame? Etc. These factors also need to be clarified and specialized.

3. What kind of content do you plan to produce on this platform?

You can decide what kind of content to provide for users. But never forget that your ultimate goal is to get more targeted followers, content needs to be follower-centered. You should have a precise plan about the theme, structure, and format for your content.

By considering those three factors and answering all the questions mentioned above, you should be clear about what your followers look like. When you find all these things out, your goals would be more exact and practical.

5 Tricks about How to Get Targeted Instagram Followers

Here are five tricks with detailed steps that could be used to solve your problem: How do I get targeted Instagram followers? You can choose to use all of them or some of them. Hope these methods can give you some inspiration.

I. Optimize Profile for Your Targeted Instagram Followers

Your homepage is vital because visitors usually generate the first impression at the sight of your homepage and would determine to follow the account or not.

  • Information like email-address and websites needs to be complete. And a complex user name with strange marks should be avoided for it would be hard to search and remember.

  • A brief self-introduction with a hot and common hashtag is necessary, which would make it easy for users to find you.

  • Links also matter. You can add links that come from other platforms to expand your information network.

Optimize  Profile for Your Targeted Instagram Followers.png

II. Try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta for Free Targeted Instagram Followers and Likes

GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta is a software that is available both on the computer (Windows) and smartphone (Android & iOS). This Instagram followers app is eligible to help users to get real targeted Instagram followers and likes for free with several simple steps. Here is how you can get it and start to get real followers and likes.

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Step 1: Download GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta and then install it.

Step 2: Login and add an Instagram username.

Step 3: Using the coins you get to get 1k IG followers in 5-min and likes.

Try GetInsta for Free Targeted Instagram Followers and Likes – Step 3.png

Notice: You can get coins by completing simple tasks for free followers and likes, as well as get coins and gifts every day by just opening it. An easy-to-use app to increase Instagram followers.

Coins for Free Targeted Instagram Followers and Likes.jpg

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III. Get Involved in Hashtag Events to Get Targeted Instagram Followers

Hashtag event is a good opportunity to let other people notice your content. What you need to do is to add hashtags into your description and choose relevant pictures. You can find the hottest hashtag event on the official Instagram account(@instagram).  

Get Involved in Hashtag Events to Get Targeted Instagram Followers.png

IV. Utilize Instagram Stories and Live to Attain More Targeted Followers

Buttons of Instagram story and live are placed at the top of the app, so they are easy to catch users’ attention. You can film a short video or create a vote to attract people.

Utilize Instagram Stories and Live to Attain More Targeted Followers.png

V. Share Instagram Post to Other Social Medias for Targeted Followers

Share Instagram posts to other social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. and increase the chance of being exposed to more people. You know more exposure means more followers and likes. This approach is easy and useful for you to try as shown in the picture below.

 Share Instagram Post to Other Social Medias for Targeted Followers.png

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The Bottom Line

After reading all the content above, you should feel more precise about how to get real targeted Instagram followers. Methods introduced above are very easy to use but need some consistency. What matters most is to clarify your targeted Instagram followers as mentioned at the beginning. As long as your targeted Instagram followers are clarified and tricks mentioned above are appropriately used, your followers and likes would start to increase.

If you want some assistance from tools, try GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsta for free.  You can download this free tool from the official website and, at the same time, acquire Android and iOS version can help you with getting more targeted followers and likes effortlessly.

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