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This service will automatically deliver an equivalent number of likes to your upcoming new posts.

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Why Should You Buy Instagram Likes?


Attract Organic Traffic

Buying Instagram likes will help increase engagement rate. It’s an important factor in deciding whether you rank higher in the Hashtags you used and get featured in the Explore page. So, buying real and engaged likes can increase the chances to reach more organic visitors and users. In addition, after buying plenty of likes and followers, your profile will appear popular and get noticed by new audiences. They are more likely to show their favor to a profile that seems to be popular. That’s the so called herd psychology.


Win the Contest with Competitors

Instagram is one of the best and largest social networks in the world. There are countless individual and business profiles on it and almost all of them are trying their best to run their accounts. You can imagine how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, if you want to be ahead of the game, in addition to having good content, you need to get more exposure quickly and efficiently. Then buying Instagram likes can help reach wider audience quickly and draw their attention in the thousands of competitive profiles.


Increase Credibility and Recognition

People are never interested in shady accounts with few likes and followers. Most people consider a good deal of likes, followers, and views as an indicator of credibility and popularity. So, buying real likes with a considerable number of followers can make it more convincing for your audience to believe you are trusted and popular. After building trust and credibility with your followers, they will be more willing to be your back-followers. Thus, you can better express yourself, make like-minded friends and even promote your products.


Enhance Social Existence

Do you want to improve your social presence and image? Do you want to attract attention and admiration from other Instagrammers? Do you want to show off to your friends how popular you are on Instagram? If you are chasing approval from others and making you the envy of your friends, then buying Instagram likes is a great choice to fulfill your desire. It helps push you forward and go viral on Instagram and as a result, you can gain a lot of attention and new followers. When you have massive likes and big followers, you will be envied and admired.

Why Choosing GetInsta?


100 % Real Instagram Likes

GetInsta gathers worldwide users with similar interests to enhance connection by liking, and following each other. When you buy Instagram likes from GetInsta, your post will be shown to them which ensures all the likes you get are 100% real. No fake or bots will be added to your account. So, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your profile. Instead, you can buy high-quality likes cheap with our competitive rates in Industry.


Simple Buying Process & Instant Delivery

There is no complicated signup page and no annoying survey before buying Instagram likes with GetInsta, the best Instagram auto liker app. What you need to do is simply enter your Instagram username and choose a plan. Then you can complete the purchase instantly and safely through secure and verified payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit cards and so on. Just a few minutes after payment, you will watch your profile skyrocket.


Exclusive Pre-Order Feature

In addition to buying Instagram likes for your former posts, you can also reserve for new ones. Why do you need this feature? The answer is simple. Although buying likes can boost your account, as time goes by, the popularity of your previous posts will fade. So, you should continuously and regularly upload new posts. Then pre-ordering likes with GetInsta's Instagram likes APK & app can save your time and make sure your new posts get exposure in time. In this way, your heat on Instagram will never go down.


Drop Protection

Buying Instagram likes from bots means the likes you get will always exist on your profile. That’s why many other likes growth services who provide fake likes have no drop protection. Although GetInsta only offers likes from real people, it can’t completely control their feelings and thoughts. They may change their ideas and withdraw the likes. If it does, we will refill this free within a week.


Safe & Secure

GetInsta is the best app to get Instagram likes. When you buy Instagram likes from it, we’ll never ask your Instagram password or login information. You don’t need to be worried about your data getting leaked or your account getting hacked. In addition, we offer an advanced secure technology like SSL to ensure a safe payment process. We do not store any payment information on our servers.


Around-Clock Customer Support

GetInsta takes customers as priority. GetInsta is here with professional 24/7 Customer support. Whether you have any questions or concerns before buying Instagram likes or need some help afterwards, feel free to contact us. We will always be there for you to make sure you get the desired results.

Steps to Buy Instagram Likes from GetInsta

Step 1
Enter your Instagram username into search box.
Step 2
Select the target post you want to get likes on.
Step 3
Select the offer (how many likes you’d like to buy from GetInsta)
Step 4
Click the “Buy Now” button and complete your purchase.

Buy Instagram Likes FAQs

Is It Legal to Buy Likes on Instagram?
Technically, it’s legal to buy Instagram likes. However, Instagram official doesn't encourage users to buy Instagram likes or followers, especially the fake and bots ones. But if you buy real Instagram likes and make it grow like the organic one, there is no such chance of violating any rules.
Did You Get Banned for Buying Likes?
Bot-created likes and followers can easily get your account banned. That’s because it breaks the Instagram’s Terms of Service. But if you get Instagram followers and likes from real person, it will not put your account at risk. GetInsta caters to the rules of Instagram, helping you grow real likes naturally without getting banned or suspended.
Is  GetInsta  Safe to Use?
GetInsta is a safe, trusted, and reliable site and app for you to buy engagement services. No human verification, no survey before using our services. When you buy Instagram followers or likes, you just need to offer your Instagram username. Then, you can choose a verified payment method to complete your purchase. No strings attached, no hack, and no information leaks.
How Long Does It Take to Complete Delivery?
We’ll start delivering within just a few minutes after completing your purchase. You can see your likes surge. Large orders like 10k Instagram followers or likes may take longer to deliver as we do not offer you fake likes generated by bots. We only provided you with real likes and followers, which will not harm your account and increase engagement.
How Can You Tell If Someone Buy Fake Likes?
You can check their likes lists. If those likes are from weird accounts with random posts or without any posts, profile photo, that must be fake likes from bots. When it comes to buying Instagram likes, GetInsta offers an exclusive service: your post will be shown to real people, so you will get genuine Instagram likes from them.