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A good username is half done on Instagram. Try this free Instagram Username Generator to create random Instagram username that is unique and cool. You can check their availability instantly by clicking the check button.

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How Does the Instagram Username Generator Work?

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After choosing other options, click the “Generate” button.

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Advantages of the Free Instagram Username Generator

Instagram username is a kind of identification. How to create a username cool and impressive? The free Instagram username generator works. It is designed to help users to create an Instagram username quickly. Except for words, you can decide to add other elements to your username, such as period and underscore. If you have no idea of an Instagram username, this Instagram Username Generator would generate many random username ideas for you to choose. The advantages of the free random Instagram Username Generator are below.

1. Generate Random Instagram Username

How to generate a random Instagram username? You just need to Click the “Generate” button and random Instagram usernames will be generated at once. You can use the tool as many times as you like to generate a list of random usernames.

2. Plenty of Options to Choose

Except for generating random usernames, the Instagram Username Generator gives you other options. It can generate Instagram usernames combined with other elements: period, number, underscore, and categories.

3. Quick Results

How long will it take to generate Instagram usernames after clicking the generate button? The results will show in the next second. The speed is fast and the result is satisfying.

4. Instant Availability Check on Instagram

You know that every user has a unique Instagram username. After choosing one username you like, you need to check its availability on Instagram to make sure that it has not been used. Just Click the check button and you can know the availability instantly.

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Cool Instagram Username Ideas

Now young Instagram users tend to have a cool Instagram username. How to create cool Instagram usernames that aren't taken? There are 3 cool Instagram username ideas.

1. Use Meaningful Words

Generally, words are the most important part to consist of an IG username. How to create a cool Instagram username? Common words are not going to work well. Try some words meaningful and special, such as your brand name, your favorite color, your loved sports... They make your username look unique and cool. Besides, they also convey useful info to users who see your profile and leave a deep impression.

2. Add Speical Elements

Instagram allows users to create an Instagram username with letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. So words are not the only element you can use to a username. You can try other elements: numbers, periods, and underscores and add them to a username. But remember that the Instagram username character is limited to 30 characters, and it is not the longer the better.

3. Utilize Figure of Speech

Except for the above methods, you need another trick to come up with a cool and aesthetic Instagram username, that is making use of figure of speech. Take alliteration, a kind of figure of speech, as an example. If you love movies and especially like the character Mogo, you could adopt MogoMovies as your username.

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Bonus: How to Promote Your Instagram Account

After creating an Instagram username, you need to consider how to promote your Instagram account to realize your goal. Here are the fastest way and other traditional ways to gain more free followers and promote your Instagram account.

Fatest Way to Promote Your Instagram Account

The most important and direct points that affect the performance of your account are the number of followers and likes. It’s time-wasting to use traditional methods to get followers and likes. That’s why many Instagram followers apps are listed on the market and popular. Try the best Instagram auto followers app GetInsta to get free Instagram followers and likes without password.

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Traditional Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

Fill in the Profile

The profile on Instagram shows your info, including name, website, interests. A blank profile is taken as a fake account. Users choose to follow you or not according to your profile to a large extent. So the first step to promote your account and be successful on Instagram is to fill in the profile.

Keep Posting

Millions of users post content on Instagram. That’s one of the most useful ways to gain new followers. To get more users to follow you, keeping posts is necessary. It gives others a sign that you’re trying to express something useful. You can gain some thoughts from the article first Instagram post ideas.

Publish Attractive & High-Quality Content

On Instagram, what you post matters a lot. Logging into Instagram app, you could find that it contains almost all kinds of content in the form of image or video. To promote your Instagram account, publishing attractive and high-quality content is an essential method. You can gain more concentration and followers as well.

Make Use of Hashtags

No one would doubt that hashtags are one of the most useful methods to improve visibility on Instagram. To promote your account, you need to make others know your account. How to reach more people? Make use of hashtags. If you have no idea, you could copy and paste hashtags that are related to your content.

Utilize Instagram Reels

As a new feature published in the last year, Instagram Reels is well-received. It invites users to create and view videos, which can be edited with audio, effects, and other creative tools. Besides, it can be share to Feed and Explore. Use these functions and get more Instagram reels views. You can get more users to pay attention to your account by the way.

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